Hall of mirrors

Hi everyone !
I started this project a few months back. I’m full time on it now, trying to analyze it before getting deep into it.

Here are my main references :
Closer shot, HD

I gave myself 5 techniques to find for 5 different types of elements found in the galerie :

  • Patterns : gilding and ornaments repeating a lot

I’ll use procedural textures, mainly the magic texture with variations depending on the needs.

  • Modeling details : ornaments and gilding with way more relief

I’ll have no other choice than to model all that by hand, trying to ease it with repetition, copy and paste, and maybe some modifiers can help

  • Organic modeling

I’ll just have to learn… I won’t go overkill with the details, leaving that to normal maps, textures, shading and maybe a bit of sculpt.

  • Chandeliers

Nothing too crazy with the shapes, only the repetition and shading will be really challenging, trying to keep the scene readable, fireflies free and under 2 years of render time ^^

  • Flat shapes

Extruded planes for some parts, bump and/or displacement maps for others. It’ll have to be credible despite the apparent “simplicity”

I finished the main architecture

And already tried the magic texture on a model

So here’s what I got so far. Feel free to comment, make suggestions, give advice or anything that could help, that’d be greatly appreciated !

Looks cool, I look forward to see the final result!