Hall Scene

I’ve been working on a short film called the Lobotomy for quite a while (http://www.behance.net/gallery/The-Lobotomy/4557769), and here’s my latest scene.

The volumetric lighting on the left is done in Blender Internal and added using the compositor. Apart from that, all I did for compositing was adding a bluish color to make the scene look cooler, adding a vignette and a very tiny bit of lens distortion.

Any criticism is welcome! I’m particularly interested in how I can make this scene more photo-realistic, and perhaps more ominous and dark.

The previous image is a bit too dark. I made some adjustments:

looks good, how about some candles? and maybe some darkly robed figures.

Haha, what you said is exactly what I planned!

I originally planned for the camera to be somewhere higher up, where you can see a robed figure walking slowly towards the stage. I also thought of lining up the path with candles which would light up as he passes by. I’ll have to look up some tutorials on animating candles first, and also I probably have to borrow a rigged human figure, as I have no idea how to model or rig a human myself.

The lighting looks amazing, and so does most of the modeling. Great use of sun flares through the window. My main concern was with the material on the back of the pews or seats or whatever they are. Right now they are bland in comparison to the rest of the scene. They need some more prominent textures.

I did apply textures to the bench but they aren’t obvious with so little light. I have some close-up scenes though…

Does anyone find the places where the bench touches the floor a bit unrealistic? I keep looking at my renders, and it seems to put the viewer off.

Anyway, here’s my latest render. Just a few tweaks to compositing, and thickening the door frame to make it more obvious.

I tried to make the textures of the benches more noticeable. I also changed the material settings for the benches so that the edges have a subtle reflection. There’s also some polish to the floor panels. Is there any way to make this look more photorealistic? I keep looking at it but I don’t know what is making it look fake.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I think maybe the shadows are too obvious, especially along the walkway. I’ll move the lights farther away from the door to see if that would improve the lighting.

Pretend that the photographer’s standing in front of an open door, yet not blocking the light, so that there’s some back-light on the pews.

If you look at some of the displays like videoscope or histogram, you’ll see that the image is really quite murky … muddy … low-contrast. It appears underexposed. You’re generally in trouble if the only apparent light in the room is way down there in the nave. Let’s at least presuppose that there’s another set of overhead lights, off-camera, that will inject some top-light into the front of the scene.