I’m not sure whether I should post it here, as I see that all the stuff posted here is top-notch. But it says “Finished Projects”, so I guess this is where this post belongs. :slight_smile:

I think that there might be some gret modeling, but it is too dark. I know you said that it is finished work, but if you adjusted your lighting, this piece could be amazing.

if you lower the angle of the sunlight so it comes into the room more, and lights more of the seats, and possibly add windows out of the frame for more sunlight to come in, you will have a much livelier piece. Then you could put some light onto the sculpture you have on stage.

I agree, the lighting isn’t quite right. Your attention should be the stage, but that’s the darkest part of the image. The window on the left is drawing the eye away from your main focal point. Possibly lighting the stage would be a good idea?

I agree that the scene is a bit dark, so I took your suggestions and added a few more light sources to the left. The scene is much brighter now. As for the focus of the scene being shifted to the left from the center, I think that’s alright with me. I just want a scene that shows a hall bathed in morning light, so the center is not that important. Thanks for the critique; I really appreciate it.