Halloween 2008 WIP


Well, i was just writing with some guys at #smc, who conviced me, that i should do a WIP thread about my current project. That would be my first project as well (i’m the ultimate noob around :eyebrowlift2:).

A short description of the scene I want to do:
A large mirror in an attic, with ligth coming in from the window. Under the window there should be a table with a Cannibal Cookbook, and a jar with eyes in it. The entire interion would be in wood. Oh, and there should be red shiny eyes in the mirror too. :spin:
At least thats my idea.

I’ve attached what i’ve done so far: Image will be updated when i do more stuff :smiley:
So long…

This could be a really sweet project if you get the lighting right! And the modeling, and texturing… etc. Good luck man!

EDIT: The blue background BURNS my eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Dudebot: mine too :stuck_out_tongue:

But it was just a quick render, didnt want to edit something, just to look what is worng later :smiley:

There is more now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve attached a the candle that is probably going to ligth most of the scene.

The full scene is to be seen in the top post.


The candle is really nice! Good job. I think the final render could be a ton brighter though. Add some ambient lighting, very subtle, but enough to see details. Good luck :slight_smile:

I wanted to make a Halloween scene in blender but i couldnt find the time

Really nice and like Dudebot said lighten it up a ton…Bad lighting can kill anything. Even if you spent hours and hours even days working on the mesh
Add some AAO…hit F5 then you should see a blue and white ball click that tab and then you should see AMB OCC.click that tab. Then click the drop bar that says Raytraced change it to Approximate

Great work! only got a ween till Halloween!

I tried add’ing AO, actually, its allready in the scene. If you look at the corner of the room, the wierd litgh there is what i can get AO to make :s

Im afraid i’m not going to be finnished at Halloween as it is now. (People uninterested in my computerproblems can skip the rambling and continue reading BELOW the picture).
I modelled the whole scene on my Windows install, which is now in bed with a flu, so i’m finnishing it up on my Linux-drive. The problem, however, is that, my GNU/Linux-install is pretty bad maintained (had to download blender 2.48a manually (seems that surfaces and 2.46 is a BAAAAD combo)), so in 3 days im downloading the new Ubuntu-release (when it is given free) to replace my ArchLinux. So I really ahve a lot of things to fix, move, etc. (From now on, my only windows install will be virtual, though)http://www.glemtfremtid.dk/ligth-test.jpg
I did some more lighting. I want some blue “nigthlight” to come trough the window, and I will probably try to do some dust in the air there too.

Rigth now my biggest problem is how im going to put water in the jar, and what the best way to do floating eyes is (without calculating textures):D. (Never did water in Blender before, and the last eyes i did was still bad…)


I’ve paused this for now, because I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, which is taking place troughout November. (Challenge: Write 50k words in a month (as a novel)).

So I really have no time to finnish this up before December. Sorry :frowning: