Halloween 2015 self portrait

Personal project for Halloween. Self portrait sculpted in ZBrush, textured in substance painter, rigged, posed and rendered in blender cycles. Still could have done much more work on it, but i had no more time, since Halloween is today, and i only had time to work on personal project yesterday and today. (Self portrait was sculpted before).

i see you had a good time cutting your own head off :stuck_out_tongue: .

anyway, need subsurface scattering for the skin, it doesn’t feel like there are any. blood coming out from the neck doesn’t look very convincing (although how would i know, i’ve never seen it in real life before :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank for reply… There is standard SSS shader applied on body and the head. Maybe the reasone it is not shown is in usage of only 200 samples for rendering?

nah samples doesn’t effect that, 200 is not too low, i don’t usually use much more for outdoor scenes. maybe it needs more of SSS, i don’t know, the shadows in the arm pit areas is very dark which indicate not much light is passing through the skin. maybe it’s because of the the lighting too

Ok, here is how material three looks like for the body. SSS shader is mixed with glossy. Glossy is affected by specular map. Im not sure what could be wrong. Version of blender is 2.75 by the way.

not an expert in this, but there are usually more then just 1 layer of SSS in human skin, cause basically they are used to replicating the many layer that a human have beneath the skin, fat and flesh. you don’t need to use an image texture for the SSS. diffuse should also be used to give the main skin color, the texture can go in there. also, any good material with a mix of glossy and something else, needs Fresnel node. the IOR of human skin is 1.44

so that’s mind set up. again, i am not good at making human skin material, so i definitely doing it wrong as well, one guy told me this looks more like wood. so anyone who knows about this better, hopefully you can help him, and me out.

I see, i will try this out. Tnx for comments… I think i know this head you posted from facebook :). Keep it up