Halloween Animation ( updated w audio )

This is most likely finished, and, if I add more than 40 more frames, I’ll have exceded the frame limit for the second time. So I might add some blurb or something to the end,…anyway, here’s my entry for the animation challenge. The theme is halloween so be warned(!), it’s quite spooky. file size is minimal! :smiley: divX.
<edit>ok I made an audio track. here’s the new one. just over 2 megs now.

i thought limit was 10 secs. yours is 18. Good anim anyways could benifit from sound though…

that’s the old limit, the new limit is 250 - 500 frames. and yeah I agree,…maybe sound is needed.

Very nice work, Modron. I agree, sound.

not bad, but what happens in there? heh…


I’m not sure, I think they are on their way to the halloween dance or something.

Updated at top. Tell me if you think it’s too dark, because I forgot to adjust the levels this time. It may be ok though. Let me know what you think.


Me think better wind sound the one at mo is a bit “sharp”

i tried a number of frequencies and oscillators. i am satisfied with it.