Halloween Animation (work in progress)

back with another simplecharacter style cartoon animation.

so far i got the characters and settings made. also got the story written down and some dialog recorded.

it should be bigger then the other animations, and a little more complicated, i added two settings and about 4 to 5 new characters. and i’m going to try and break the 1min mark which i have not done yet.
it should be completed by next friday, but i thought i would stop by and show what i got so far. hope you dig it!
thanks for looking

also click here for the site i made to put the simplecharacters animations and characters

Halloween Toon Tale (will be finished friday oct 22nd)

sam and sally- a young couple who foolishly goes to a grave yard on halloween
dracula- the host of this short animation
haunted ghost- keeps watch over the graveyard, look out!

graveyard- the main location of the story

dracula’s basement- draculas little stage, muhahaha

…the locations look good - I’m really looking forward to see the animation, Wu.

Cool Wu! looks like a nice movie for Halloweeny time.

i really liked the Air is sweet short, that was funny… :stuck_out_tongue:

WUhoo :smiley: looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it’ll end up fantastic like your other ones! Can’t wait…

thanks guys!!

thoro- thanks, i’ve been trying to improve the animations as i go, trying to spend more time with settings, so glad you like, and thanks for checking out the animations and for the feedback!!

friedbrain- i love halloween so this is definatly one of my favorite things to work on, thanks for checking out “air is sweet” glad you liked it!

Grimreaper- thanks, i have been testing with lighting color, and with flare so hopefully it will bring some more life to the animations, glad you like.

DVirus101- thanks a lot, that is really nice to say, i hope so too, thanks for checking them out!

:smiley: thanks a lot guys i can now return to work with lots of renewed energy, thanks! :smiley:

Wow. I must say that I really like your style! It’s very unique. Keep up the outstanding work.

yea, kl wu :smiley: got any more updates? :smiley:

thanks :smiley:

whiteboy- hey thanks a lot, i will keep it up as long as people are willing to still watch, thanks very much for the nice post!

Grimreaper- haha more, i actually dont really have much more to show, i’ve been spending all the extra time i got to finish up the animation, i’ve got about 1min down and another 40 sec to go. just got a small scene pic to show, but will try to update when i get some more time. thanks

(hey i just realized that if you reduce the quality number the jpg size will be reduced, very cool i didnt know blender also has a built in jpg compressor, this wonderful software never ceases to amaze!)

just finished up the main story animaton, now to work on the dracula scenes, and then some into and ending scenes then it shall be done. hope you guys check out the finished work, and dig it too.