Halloween Arch Viz

Ok I am sure you guys are sick of Arch Viz but here is a new take on it. I love this time of year (Halloween) so I thought I would make a haunted house. Let me know what you think. If there is something you would change let me know. Thanks!


Not only are we not tired of arch viz, but the moderators are considering opening up a new artwork forum just for arch viz. I hope they do it. You architecture modelers are producing some of the best work in Blender these days.

I like the concept and execution. If I would change anything, I’d make the sky a bit darker and turn the light in the attic down so it was barely noticable. It is the only spot of color in a monochrome, so it is going to attract the eye no matter how dim. Maybe experiment with some phosphoresence in the swamp in the foreground? I don’t know. Looks pretty spooky.

Add moonlight in trough trees from right to shine on fasad, make the rest darker.

I agree with Orinoco, I always admire arch viz. Nice job on this one… my guess is it took more work to age it, than to model the building itself.

Thank you guys for comments! I will give some of your suggestions a try!