Halloween Contest 2013 - Zombie/Mummy Mix

Finally… I registered account and I want to begin share with you guys what i do in Blender :slight_smile: This is effect of my todays sculpting for Halloween Contest. My 1st serious CG sculpt ever (all before that was just messing around with tools) so all sugestions which can help me in further work are welcome :slight_smile: My idea is simply zombie :slight_smile: probabbly wearing a tuxedo or jacket. Haven’t thought about it yet.

Blender 2.68/Pentagram ThinType/Cycles


I realized i forgot to show how i started. So I used http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/skull-76849.html as “background”. I made basic head shape mesh on it and i started sculpting, trying to put a clay as muscles :slight_smile: Today I also re-meshed teeth from this free skull model and started to add more detail to mouth, nose (if you can say that) and eyes.


Today i did few cosmetic changes and started to work on ear. I want it to be a little thorned and burned. All ideas are welcome… I’m stuck a bit at the moment :slight_smile:


Hey man I cant believe you haven’t gotten any comments yet!!! This is awesome work IMO:) the mouth is looking great with those chompers:P I like the ear progress as well. One thought is in regards to the nose. The edge looks very clean, maybe work that like you did the teeth and imagine the bone protruding beyond the rotten skin. Hope that makes sense, basically just ruff up the edge:) Keep it up!

Thank you Derek :slight_smile: I am glad you like it. I know what you mean about the nose. I think ill try to figure it out tomorrow. Today i basically messed around a bit with torso, a bit of skin texture and tried a simple composition with picture background. Still looking for shapes :slight_smile:


Stunning work, keep it up!

Looks really good so far. Dauntingly good, in fact (especially as you mentioned that you’re relatively new at this). A quick note - if you plan to render the head in your final scene at that proximity/size, then how about slightly distorting the background image to give a slight fisheye effect on the bg? It would look a bit cooler and fit with the head’s focus, perhaps. (Just a thought)

Hey :slight_smile: Thank you for your time. Yes i’m new to CG sculpting and stuff. I “work” in 3D for a year and few months. All before that was just observe etc. But this are only tools, c’mon :slight_smile: In high school i used to sculpt a bit in clay, i draw as well… Maybe not much but still. About the render. I’m not sure it will be final crop. I didn’t think about fish eye at all. In fact on last picture above (with forest) i tried to simulate large format camera. I have set “sensor” size to 13x18 cm with 200mm focal length and f/5.6 … Focus on eyes. But this isn’t working so well in my opinion. I need more stuff in composition. I mean the depth is not looking good. I have to work it out.

Ok… Next step :slight_smile: I did a little work on teeth (they were way too smooth). I also made basic eyes. Had problem to light them with scene light i had (they were “empty”) so i used tiny spot lamps near them to make blinks. At the end i added simple fabric on his shoulders. 1 951 723 polygons by now (all objects in scene).


Do you plan to retopo and texture? This is looking very grim and scary by the way…nice job:)

Of course i plan retopo and texture :slight_smile: I even plan to make rest of the body. Maybe not for the contest because i have few other things to do. I’m glad to hear it’s scary. My goal is to be even more :wink: Thank you.

Try to narrow the neck a bit where it meets the shoulders. For being dead and slightly decomposed it looks a little bulky and wide. That will help define the jaw line from the front view:) Just my thoughts:)

Yes your right :slight_smile: Neck is much too bulky. My 1st thought was to make a strong and fast Zombie… The leader. Like orc Azog in Hobbit. But make it to look convincing it’s harder than i thought.

Texturing sneak peek :slight_smile:


Another sneak peek from texturing. Now it’s time for mounth and teeth but i leave it for toomorow i think :slight_smile:


So, since my start was pretty bad because i start sculpt without even sketches (this is good when you have experience… and i don’t) in middle I’ve lost proportions and general shape i wanted to keep. New things came, some had gone. I really wanted to start texturing so i did… And probably i should not because my mesh wasn’t finished. Generally i messed up everything :smiley: Time is going by, people are writing comments (thank you for your time all who replied on this thread) i ask mates and friends about opinions and yesterday I’ve decided to work out a shape and paint new textures over added geometry. Here is a result of what i achieved so far. Still working on it. I thought about to start over from a sketch but i decided not to. After so much effort i’v put to it i want to see it finished :slight_smile:

To do list:

  • forehead (too shiny atm)
  • nose (texture and little reshape)
  • eyes (cataract, brows)
  • teeth (material + maybe he will loose one or two)
  • mouth wound (pull skull outside or add some muscles)
  • neck (more detail, skin sickness etc.)
  • chest (whole new details to body or tuxedo/jacket, outworn shirt with blood on it…not sure yet)


So… 29th is getting close :slight_smile: Today I’ve decided to make teeth material. I asked my friend who works in 3D ( in C4D ) how would he do realistic teeth. We checked some tutorials and we found this - http://www.blenderdiplom.com/en/tutorials/all-tutorials/419-tutorial-absorption-in-cycles.html . So i used it and mixed it with the other nodes trying to achieve what i had in mind :slight_smile: This is what i figured out. (you can see in attach) i don’t even know if it’s a good way to make teeth because it’s my 1st time i do something like this so if you have any ideas or tips for teeth i will be grateful (technical tips… for ex. how to make good looking caries?) :slight_smile: Skin, teeth and eyes are rendered on separate layers with passes. I also made composting setup, thanks to Bartek Scorupa at Blender Conference 2013 ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C92361yqB-M ) i did few cosmetic changes and here is what i got at the end. Still working on it :slight_smile:


woah, that’s a complex node setup!

it’s looking good though - those textures are really gory and a little disturbing :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck finishing up in time for the deadline!

Oh yeah, teeth look believable… The only thing that concerns me, is that you participate in the same competition as me :slight_smile: Ok, to the point: only thing that comes to my mind (I mean only critique), is that I don’t think zombies/mummies with so destroyed face would have all teeth in perfect condition, as if visiting their undead dentist regularly, if you know what I mean :slight_smile:
Besides, great work!
PS: Where exactly lesser Poland is BTW?

Yeah i know they are too perfect… All people who see this tell me that :smiley: Thing is I’m not sure i can “destroy” them as i want to, so i decided to make all good condition at start, without a texture etc. (even to have them for further projects) and maybe ill have time till 29th (i hope) to make him loose few of them and add caries. I don’t even know how to make all this stuff believable :smiley: I have to make research and it takes time which i don’t have much :slight_smile:

P.S. Cracow :slight_smile: