Halloween Contest - Draculold & Grumpy


I’m pretty new to blender so am learning my way by taking part in the contests. I had a go at the Blender Cookie robot and am now trying my hand with the Halloween Contest… been at this one for a couple of weeks.

Here’s my concept - A grumpy, and very gummy, old Dracula - basically past-it and lost his mojo…

[edit - concept attached below]



Working from the concept I set about my first ever blender sculpt (after much tutorial watching on blender cookie!)…

This isn’t finished yet - but it took me a while to get this far, so moved on to the hand for a change and keep my interest up. I decided to model a hand and try to learn about posing and rigging, etc. - I’ve got this so far.

I must say, I found the sculpting quite intuitive on the head, and was very pleasantly surprised with the auto-weights when applying the armature to the hand - I used the rigify addon and deleted most of the biped skeleton leaving a single forearm and hand to work with.

Still got tons to learn about to help finish this - texture painting, hair, etc… I’m having fun though :smiley:


The idea is great, and your modelling/sculpting looks good from what I can see so far. No critiques yet.

me too. It goes smoothly and nice! :smiley:

Great workflow, I can see the essence of a hand.

Thanks all for positive comments. Good to know I’m not making glaring mistakes. Although I’ve been modelling as a hobbyist for a good 6/7 years now, I’ve never bitten the sculpting bullet before…

Anyway here’s a little update on the hand, adding in some of the sinews/saggy skin/nails to make it look really old. This is only at level 3 so far and still needs finer details and some reworking, but I’m done for today.

…oops just noticed, there is a slight mishap with the grab brush on the wrist there in the 2nd two images :o


Boy I like where this is going. Good job.

Been very busy learning how to paint textures with the stencil brush - spent hours before also finding the clone brush - doh! Here’s the textured hand, and a test render of a draft final composition, showing the (poorly) textured head. I need to rework the head a little more, do the hair, eyes, false teeth, some clothes… oh and learn about how to do skin shaders :spin:… any pointers anyone, for quickly setting up a skin shader ?


big oops - totally missed the contest deadline! I was working on Thursday as the deadline! Oh well, now I can take my time getting this right…


Hi - I’ve been working on and off for a few days on this. Mostly trying to get the layers of clothes done. I’m basing the Dracula outfit on Bela Lugosi’s version of Dracula…

I’ve also worked on the head texture a bit. The hair atm is only there as a base for the ‘real’ hair I will be adding in … later


PS I’ve not modelled the arm of the suit yet - hence the big hole :slight_smile:

Here’s an update to the old drac character… I’ve done a lot of work on teeth and cloaks, this is about the 3rd attempt :slight_smile:

Decided to go with a full character view and will eventually place him in some creepy crypt type setting.

This is still very much a WIP, still learning as I go (today I have been mostly doing cloth sims!)


Another small update - I’ve added in the medallion (based on the Bela Lugosi Dracula’s medallion), and worked a little more on the teeth.


Beautiful characterisation. Really lovely work. Please keep posting updates.

Thanks shoopi - I’m determined to finish this project even though Halloween is long gone… :slight_smile:

The Character is hilarious, I love it.

You’ve done a really good job, his hand looks amazing and so does the face sculpt. Can’t wait for a final version!