Halloween Critter


I sat down at my computer, and decided to try making something different from my usual.
As it is getting close to the 31st, I wanted to do something related to Halloween, preferably a character.
This little fellow is what came of it.

Now all I need is a name. Any ideas?

C&C greatly appreciated

lol looks liek a frozen cat with icecycles coming out of his nose.

hey …say you wanted to animate it to make the eyes move. how would you amke the eyes roll around?

^^ track an empty to each eyeball. Move empty.

It looks ok. Lighting and colours could be better. But modelling wise I think it’s really good. :wink:

keep it up

it looks now like a cartoon character

maybe make better textures

so it will look more freaky

and Alienwerkshopp i think those icecycles are his teeth

work on that eye

Thanks for the comments guys!

redbyte, what kind of colors did you have in mind?

AniCator, I tried making the eyes more realistic, but it did not seem to fit the character. I will give it another try and see what I can come up with.

Textures… I am terrible at textures! I don’t know where to start on this guy. I tried cloud for a skin texture, but it did not look right.

Again, thanks a ton for the input!