Halloween - First Render

Whew… I finally finished one. This is my first complete, Blender-only project. Everything was done inside Blender, including modeling, materials, and rendering.


Modelling is good, but the pumpkin is too thin. Also, your materials need some work.

Yeah, I’m still struggling with how much volume I lose in a mesh when sub-surfacing. I gave up on “realistic” in the textures part way through the project; I clearly have a lot to learn about layering.:slight_smile:

If subsurf changes your geometry too much, you can set edge hardness where you need it (in this case around the eyes, nose, mouth). Or, as a quick and dirty solution, do a loop cut near those same edges. The closer the loop cut is to the original edge, the sharper the result will be. That should help get some thickness back in the wall of the pumpkin.

Those are good ideas, thank you. The real problem I had with Mr. Lantern here was getting any thickness at all to begin with. In this case, I made the outer shell, duplicated it, cut the stem off the duplicate, scaled the duplicate down a bit, then made faces out of the gaps around the eyes, nose and mouth, four vertices at a time. I feel certain there’s a better way, I just haven’t found it yet. :slight_smile:

Would the “Solidify Mesh” script help in this case? It would solve the problem of having to duplicate the mesh and scale down but you would still need either edge creases or extra edge loopes where you want the model to have some sharp lines.

I remember reading somewhere (though I don’t remember where) a tutorial on making ‘cage like’ meshes. A Jack-O-Lantern qualifies as a cage-like mesh. The tutorial said to make your initial mesh - 1ply only, not solid. Then select and extrude faces, but don’t move them. With extruded faces still selected, do Alt-S to scale along normal. This give very good results and the extrude step avoids having to connect all the holes.

I’ll have to look into that… I really haven’t used scripts much. I really want to get into it, because I’ve done a good chunk of Python programming, and I’d eventually like to try my hand at it. Thanks for that tip, I’ll try it and see what it can do. :slight_smile:

Huh. (Sound of me smacking myself in the forehead) As a matter of fact, that’s exactly the technique I used on the little hatband around the witch’s hat in the picture. I cannot for the life of me imagine why I didn’t try it on the gourd. :o

Live and learn, as they say. :slight_smile: I’m off to fire up Blender and give that a try on another pumpkin, just to see what happens. Thanks!

Its quite simple if you have one of the later releases of Blender as it comes with a lot of scripts. You can easily access them in the Scripts window under Mesh menu. I tried it on simple meshes but never found a use for it.

BTW: I do like the work except, of course, for the lack of sharpness around the corners of the eyes/mouth.

I’ve got 2.42a, but I haven’t yet seen a script called anything like “Solidify Mesh”. I was assuming I’d have to hunt it up here somewhere or out on the 'Net. I’ve really only played with a couple of scripts as it is, and read a couple more. So much to learn… :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked it. He does look kinda cartoony, doesn’t he?

Hope these screenshots help. 2.42a comes bundled with this script (among others). You can also locate them under the scripts folder of the installation. No hunting necessary :slight_smile:

Switch to Scripts window:

Select the relevant script from the Scripts/Mesh menu.

Cool, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Here’s my attempt at something similar.


Instead of modelling the whole thing, I made a transparency map for the cutout. Then I modeled the edge (thickness of the pumpkin) using an orthographic render as the background image. That saved me a lot of headache with complex geometry.

That’s a pretty neat technique, I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks for that. :slight_smile: