Halloween Game Contest

Is anyone doing a Halloween Game contest this year? I was thinking of starting one but only if I got a sponsor (Currently working on Intel and nVidia)

What ya think?

would be nice, the game I’m about to do would fit in to the halloween theme :smiley:

A horror gams contest
yea would be cool we at Monkey Games would enter.

good luck on that sponser bud :wink:

I’ve been considering doing a short halloween themed project lately, so count me in. Been a long while since we’ve held a decent themed contest!

The contest is not official yet, I am just getting a general idea if one should be held. I was thinking about 3 seperate contest all Halloween or Horror themed:

  1. Still Image Render
  2. Animation Short
  3. Game Demo

The reason I put Game Demo, is because if we launched the contest tomorrow, I don’t think it would be fair to force someone to come up with an entire game in such short notice.

Also, We could also have prizes for the winners. I have more plans for such a contest, but I want to right everything down first before I shoot.

I like this idea as Halloween and Thanksgiving are my two favorite holidays because they both occur during my favorite season. I’d participate = )

yeah this sounds pretty cool, I would participate.

bumping to get more input and ideas

I’m up for a go although I pretty much suck at this. IMMA PWN SOME N00BS!

I think i’d be cool.

Would there be a price :D??

Seems like a very nice idea I know I will go for the Game Demo one ^_^.

Questions :

But will there be a prize ?
And would it be only 1 entry per person ?
and how much time will we basicly be getting to compleate this ?

sorry If you already covered that but I basicly just only looked at the first post and here I am posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know for a fact I will enter it. =)
Last time I tryed to enter a render contest I lost badly lol .


Sorry, I’ll pass. I don’t believe in Sanheim, and I don’t understand the point behind a holiday focused on death. Anyway, I’m probably too busy for a contest as it is. I wish I could hope you all have fun with it.

I’m definately in.

Not sure which one to choose though… hmm.

bumping to get more input and ideas

I would join the game contest, as I’ve already started on a horror themed game.

yea, most games would be pretty difficult to finish within a months time. Perhaps it could be a general halloween/fall themed contest which lasts around 2 months? Or maybe there could be sub-catagories like “best monster”, “best haunted house”, “best game demo”, etc.

lol I started on a horror game demo for the contest just in case XD

I Agree since school is back homework ect… :stuck_out_tongue:

But Since This is going to be a contest I am going to do my best on the game demo but I dont give out my best blender files away. :frowning: So I hope the contest accecpts .exe format. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well you would get more than a month to finish. I am thinking about starting the contest Sunday. The contest will end the 29 of October and then the judging will be on October 30. The results will be given out October 31. These are just the basics as far as due dates. The official contest rules, prizes, and regulations will be posted probably tomorrow.

A small cross post will be here but the official post will be on the contest section of the blenderartist.org forum.

I hope you guys have a good idea of what you are wanting to do. Good Luck and happy blending.

Ww did the megaman games in about 4 weeks time, That was 2 levels all fully functioning to a certain point. I think its possible.

Cool =) And will it be 1 entry per person ?