Halloween Game Level 1-4 redone 1st/3rd person shooter

(ineedanewbi) #1

hey everyone this is my game im makeing
its farely long and ive worked on this for over 10 months
its a first and third person shooter
F5 and F6 to swap views

here are some screenshots

more screenshots + info at

this game currently has 4 levels 8 weapons and 5 opponent variations and a driveable boat
it is made on a 900mhz comp with a 64meg video card

the file is 5megs and is downloadable here

***i redid the levels to optimize performance (escpecialy level 2) and improve AI (which now aims up and down)

***to cheat and get all weapons and ammo (guns must be loaded with R key) add layer 20 to the level/the last layer to add a magical white box

well thats about it
what do u think?

(Abracsis) #2

this is worth the download size. it’s a game in all respects, apose to most blender “Demo’s” The graphics are stylised, and it’s very detailed so blender may have difficulty running it on slower machines, but it has secrets, sounds and special effects (blood) to enjoy. Would you enjoy being the Grim Reaper? well here’s your chance to find out people!!!


(saluk) #3

It comes together pretty well now, the 4th level is definately the best because of it’s difficult (but NOT impossible) challenge. This level is fairly balanced, with a nifty secret, and some ai that while its not that smart fits into good gameplay.

While a little chuggy on my laptop, the game remains playable probably due to whatever optomizations you added, all in all, a really good game.

(rav_bhara) #4

cool game

(ineedanewbi) #5

hey thanks here’s something i wrote incase anyones interested
it shows all the tips tricks and special cool stuff u can get and do in this game… or u can chose not to read tihs and find out for yourselves

I am no where near completion of this game im on level 5 of 16


Thanks to www.blendergames.com to help host my game


To skip levels, go to Password and hit keyboard
1 - level 1
2 - level 2
3 - level 3
4 - level 4
… no duh… but this will be changed

Level 1

Go behind the house, up the ladder, across the roof and into the attic to find a shotgun
Go to the kitchen counter for the shotgun ammo

Level 2

Use vending machine with “E” to get aid/life (Pepsi/Coffee Crsip) (1st floor)
Machinegun ammo in middle closet in Storage room (1st floor)
Shotgun and ammo in Security room (1st floor)
Machinegun ammo in second stall, washroom (2nd floor)
Machinegun, ammo and aid/life in Room 10 (3rd floor)
Shoot car picture in Room 20 and open closet for ammo (4th floor)
Exit to roof or back down to the main floor

Level 3

Machinegun, ammo, aid/life and “key” in house
Get Detonator left of dock (washed ashore/look around)
Drive small boat to big boat
Get Mine in the storage area on the big boat
Throw mine “7” into the main room of the boat
Detonate mine with detonator “8” and watch the huge explosion(if done correctly)
do not touch dock unless u want more enemies to fight

Level 4

Find graffity on cement wall. Shoot crate with crack across from graffity
The boxes will break revealing a sniper rifle and ammo
Shoot enemies in the head with the sniper rifle and their heads will dissapear
To use sniper rifle zoom/scope, use Middle and Right mouse buttons


Get all weapons and ammo by adding layer 20/last layer to each level scene
A white box will appear and give u all weapons and ammo when touched

Dont forget to use the flamethrower :smiley:

(Yamyam) #6

Thank you for nice game and informations!
I’ll try again to complete this game.:slight_smile:

(emtilt) #7

I cant get it to work. I load it up in blender, and all that happens is a howling sound repeats over and over, and the game never loads. My machine is pretty fast, so i dont know what the problem is. Any suggestions?

(ineedanewbi) #8

when u say pretty fast… how fast is that?
it seems to work for most others

you’ll probably need at least 600mhz comp with a 16 meg video card

u can try to change ur destop resolution to 640x480 and 16 bit color.
or maybe someone can convert it into an .exe file cuz its suppost to run faster

i hope that helps

(saluk) #9

Emtilt: Just curious, but are you trying to run it in blender 2.25? Because many games made in 223 don’t seem to work right sometimes in 225.

Or vicaversa, if you are trying to run it in a lower version of blender.

Probably not the problem, but it’s just a thought.

(emtilt) #10

I have about an 800mhz machine with 256mb of RAM on Windows 2000 with a geforce3…cant remember exactly how much memory it has, but it is well more than 16mb. I am using Blender v.2.20, is that not new enough?

(saluk) #11

Yeah, have to use version 2.23. That is the problem:)

(levon) #12

how do you get the mouse to move the view? im trying to make my own first person game and dont know how.


(ineedanewbi) #13

hey levon,
u can try to do this by appending the mouse script (shift+F1) and putting in the correct bricklogics

sorry i cant remember exactly how the bricklogics went, but i know who does…

find lizard809

send him a personal message and ask him for the mousescipt/demo
its amazing, easy to use and it limits ur rotion to 90 degrees up or down

good luck

(dreamsgate) #14

your website appears to be down, I’ll check back later to download game