Halloween Greetings from Dragoneex



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Great job man :smiley: entertaining

love the mummy, elastic joints :slight_smile:

Amazing! The buildings and “humans” are very well done too (even though they are not the focus)! I love how its clear that the humans are trying to scramble away, and how each of the buildings seem to look unique.

It’s always a gratifying experience every time I look at your pieces, Pratik. Well done! :slight_smile:


Very cool man:P I’m sure this is something you just threw together as well hehe. You always have great dynamics in your renders. Maybe because your a great animator and character designer:) Keep it up man!

It reminds me of a animation movie called hotel Transylvania.
Great work anyway. Why are his eyes so dark though?
I found that if you add thickness to the cornea you get much better and lighter results. (if you are using the glass shader)

Lovely image! I just love the way monsters are rigged. Very cartoony and cool!

thank you so much guys

hahaha cute way to scare haa ??

Would have loved to see more work done on the textures, appears you went for a quick topical doodle instead. Good work nonetheless. And congratulation on the splash screen - way to go!

wonderful image, love the toony feel or the scene, characters are posed excellent driving the emotions of the render, simplistic textures are befitting, I for one will be watching for more of you art on this forum. thanks for sharing = :cool: