Halloween in cycles and first time with cycles.

Hi All,
This is the first render I’ve done in cycles. Just beginning to get the hang of it.
I was inspired by Artur Rosa’s “Old Land of giant gods” on ArthurBlue.Deviantart.com
He does all in VUE and I would like to get the same realism in Blender.

The skull I got from blendswap by Poniu, and the Preying Mantis by OndoreLibre.

The sky and textures I did in Gimp. The person was from MakeHuman.

This was done with 200 passes, and took about 15 min. on the CPU.
I made this for my sister, her birthday is on halloween, and she likes preying mantis.

Hope you like,


Good render! I’m sure your sister will like it.

If you are interested, you could see how it looks with a little blur on the distant mountains. I do not know much how to do it in Blender. I do not know if Depth of field (DOF) can be useful and it can be used to blur only distant objects.

Cool picture, and with some story behind. About blur, it questionable, human eye with that sun brighness on piclure will see all as crisp, as focused not on flower 30 cm froom eye. Maybe some little blueish haze/fog to add “deep”.

Thanks for the comments YAFU and storm_st.

I decided to try a little mist to the mountains.

thanks again,


Very good. I definitely choose this new version!