Halloween inspired pic

Here is something I made today for Halloween.

Here is a darker version

and finally the model itself so you can see what it looks like out of the dark

Tell me if you like the lighter version or darker better.
Well thats it I hope you enjoy these Halloween inspired pics.


The only thing that bothers me is that the texture repeats quite noticeably. Other than that, I like it. I think you should add some surroundings and whatnot. This could potentially be a very interesting render.

nice image, first when I didn’t see it whole, I thought it was a shiny crystal, nut now I see it’s an old, dirty paper-mache’ mask :wink:
or maybe its a stone-face.
Don’t know what to say more, the image is odd and strange, but actually I like it!

thanks. It is sort of a stone face. I was going to add a background but ran out of time. I whipped it up in half a day so mabye now I will add a background.

keep commenting


i like the darker version better.

to me it seems like the the stone face is at the bottom of a body of water or something. emitting from the depths.
i think it looks very cool.

That’s really cool! I think i like the darker version better too. I what Catfish said about the underwater. Maybe make some kind of depths of the ocean surroundings! Like maybe see if you can make some kind of lighting effect that’s like underwater rays. I do think the texture repeats it’s self, but that can be hard to fix sometimes… :smiley: