Halloween plans

Depending on how active halloween is this year, I plan to make a huge blood trail that leads to my front door… and maybe redecorate my car with fake entrails (strawberry jell-o and cacao mix give quite good results).
Of course I’ve still got a fogger and a few other nice light effects I might use to scare off the darn kids if they ever come.

"Trick or PFFFSSSSHHHHHHHHHT where’s the door? I can’t see! "

I was wondering if anybody else was planning on getting creative, if they do Halloween at all…

nope, we as in pretty much everyone i know here, don’t do hall-o-ween, at all.

I’ma disguise myself as a 12-year-old so I can get free candy

That is just soooo wrong. Taken in a certain way that is :smiley:

Nov. 1st - Day of the Half-Priced Chocolate. That’s when I’ll be celebrating.

On the 31st I’ll be looking for the opportunity to use my vampire accent and/or evil laugh but it remains to be seen if the chance will come up.

i will probably try for two hours to convince my 9 year old brother he is still young enough to go trick or treating

then i will laugh at the people in my high school that dress up as bananas and giant chickens for fun, and laugh even harder at the weirdos who took time in their costumes and actually expect to go ask for candy with the little kids.

next i will try to carve a pumpkin, fail miserably, and smash it with a hammer, and put it on my door step.

i will eat the special halloween cake my aunt always makes me.

finally around 8:00 the little kids show up on my front door, the little pukes are so adorable i just want to give them a whole handful of candy, but i have to make it last the whole night, so i give them like one or two peices and i look like an ass. and if someone from school shows up, i just push them off my pourch. (free loaders hav enough money to buy their own damn candy)

finally after a long day of halloween i decide to crash early, only to be woken up four or five more time by the “all night” trick or treaters

Nov. 1st - Day of the Half-Priced Chocolate. That’s when I’ll be celebrating.

Haha, I do the same thing!

My siblings will go trick-or-treating, I’ll stay home and give candy to the 8 people that come to our door. (4 of which are my siblings.)

But one year I dressed up as a strawman, and layed on the porch and scared the kids that came when I started walking towards them. :evilgrin:

Ooooooo, someone’s left out of the group.

But yeah, dressing up like a military man and playing army is soooo much cooler.

Camp out on my roof with a smiper rifle and wiat for the little bastards to come.

But yeah, dressing up like a military man and playing army is soooo much cooler.

playing army? you were in CAP, not much cooler dude (and if you guys help so much, how come no one has heard of you?)

oh yeah, im sorry. i almost forgot how cool you are scott!

how do you keep the ladies off you?

I used to know a chick that had one eye. she lost the other in a tragic soda-drinking accident when she was a wee lass. So anyway, she wore this eyepatch, and i swear to god, she owned a parrot which would spend most of it’s days sitting on her shoulder. You can guess what she would dress up as every year.

Every year, a week or two after Halloween i’ll think up a really awesome thing that i could do for next year. Of course i never actually get around to doing it. This year, up until about a month ago, I had planned to convert my garage into some sort of scene like out of the X-Files. Alien creatures in jars and weird devices with blinking lights and stuff. I was going to have a big bowl full of candy out that kids could just grab some, but rig it up with motion detectors so as soon as they got within range of it my computer would cut the power to everything, flash a couple strobe lights really quick and play a loud electric sparking sound. Then the lights would fade back up and the system would wait at least 5 or 6 minutes before it would do it again. This way, a kid or two might be able to go get candy with nothing happening, and then some poor youngin’ would have the crap scared out of them. I sort of decided not to do that on account of i would feel horrible if i scared the piss out of any really little kids, and parents, who would most likely be standing near the garage entrance while their kids went to get candy would probably have a heart attack or something.

So yeah, i’ll just be handing out candy and probably eating more than i give out.