Halloween Project

I am working on the modeling for short animation for a Halloween Project. It will be a skeletal song and dance, if I can actually finish it in time. I have gotten the skull and spinal column to point were I am pretty satisfied. There is a lot more work to be done, but I wanted to get some critique before I got to far. I am not going for photorealistic, but I would like it to be recognizable.



One more piece


Can see no problems so far…



The ribcage looks too pear-shaped, I think it should be a bit more square (both circumfrentially and in profile).
Also, are you going for light-hearted presentation, or do you want a touch of the darknes of the holiday? If the latter, I suggest some of the bones be broken/missing, skull fractured, etc.
It looks like there is a lot of effort going into modeling. if you’re not worried about photorealism, you could probably reign the detail in a few notches and devote more time to the animation.

this looks absolutely AWSOME

great job
I would like to see more detail less texture
like the real bone color with sss and some scupting to add the bumps crevasses and cracks
just a though looks good like it is

um dude i have a fully rigid skeleton that you can use if you want im doing the special fx for a movie were theres a skeleton in it so you can use mine just tell me and ill give it to you

I would like to have it to learn from.

Okay here are some more pieces (the easy ones).
Thanks everyone that has replied, I was not expecting such quick responses.
darkcgi - I agree, but I think I am going to take the easy way out on that one.
dudecon - I will try to square it up a bit. I think that first I will try one “semi” realistic and then if needed I will add a little abuse.
JOSIAH3000 - Thanks for the offer and I would love to see it, but I think I will tough this one out. I am not so worried about the modeling (I say that now, before I have gotten to the hands and feet), but it will be the rigging that will kill me. I might try to apend a Ludwig or Mancandy rig to see how that goes.

Thanks again


niiiice thats very good
good luck with the rest

o trust the rigging isnt that hard when i did it instead of weight painting i just went into edit mode then selected the bone(s) that i wanted to go with the amtuer and set the vertex groups manuly took awile but was easyer then i thought


It looks really good!

Thanks Sliker

I have the Model done and now to start rigging.


Looks a bit short… stilll verrrrry nice


yeah short. but that shouldnt be hard to fix. look amazing though! keep it up!

Yes, the perspective on the preview makes it hard to judge proportions but I think maybe the legs are too short and the arms a little long. I always do that (though sometimes the other way around).

Did you use the research pics as a background when designing the model? Or did you do it by eye?

I love the texture by the way, you ma want to add a little specular highlights if it’s to look like bone. You can use a shine map to lower the reflectivity near the joints, to make it more realistic (just modify a baked AO map, it’ll give a good indication of what should be shiny and what should be matte).

I look forward to seeing the finished project. (makes me want to go watch armies of darkness, one more time…) :slight_smile:

Thanks guys you were correct. The legs were way too short. I have been using reference images from Wikipedia, but missed that one.

I am attaching a couple of more images with the legs scaled better, one in a rough scene, and one for my buddy Chris who is a big Social D fan.

With the rigging now “done” I will start working on the enviroment for the animation.

Thanks again


Cool beans man. looks very nice, My only critique so far: the lighting. The harsh shadows dont look so great, and the lighting is a bit uniform, a tad boring.

The model on the other hand is awesome!

If you want geometry for the walls and floors, consider using this script . Looking great!