Halloween Pumpkins

Hi, mates!

I finally finished my “special” Halloween project, and I wanted to share it with the community. As some of you already know, I’ve been working on some pumpkins this last week. Maybe you remember me posting stuff on the “Materials and Textures” category, asking about bump maps and subsurface scattering (@Solvent, @pixelgrip, I promised you’d be notified!). Well, so here you have it!

I wanted them to feel realistic, but still a bit magical, like if them were been taken from another world. Just like the Halloween night! I think the final result could be improved in some aspects (especially the material of the pumpkins); however, I’m pretty happy with it. Despite my first impressions at pre-render stages of the development, the scene ended up looking very similar to what I had imagined.

And of course, you can see the entire project if you visit my ArtStation page.

Hope you like it —and sorry for the little delay!


EDIT: Something happened when publishing a moment ago; the project is visible now!

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