Halloween Toon Tale (Animation)

Happy Halloween!!

In the spirt of halloween I made this animation. Narrated by Count Dracula, this animation is about a young couple and their visit to a cemetary on halloween night. Hope you enjoy!!

Click Here To See The Animation
avi, 6.5meg, 2min 10sec
Halloween Toon Tale

I worked on this one for about two weeks off and on each day. My goal was to break the 1min mark, and i got it, this animation is about 2min10sec. I also tried to improve the sound but it is hard using a web mic. The audio/video software i have acutally has a noise reducer so i will work to learn it. But this animation i got to try out some trasparent models, some flare effects, and more rigging different models. Each aninmation is a lesson, but it is still pretty fun to work with.

Also I updated the website, some people found the background distracting so i removed it, and just added smaller photo to the front page. I got tons more ideas so hopfully everyone still enjoys watching these things.

Simple Characters Web Site -all characters and animations are here, dewds!

Thanks for looking!!


i love these. I download them every time and keep them. Dont bother with the mic, it adds to the over all feel of the animation. Do tell me, what do u use for ur audio video syncing?

Fun as always :smiley: Good work on your new effects skills. I also noticed you used more camera movement than in previous animations.

You might also want to fix the spelling of “artist” on your website :wink:

I swear, I have earched all over the internet to find the “software” quicktime needs to watch your animations. It says there is none on its database. YOU’RE ANIMATIONS ARE EEEEVVVVIIIILLLL!!!

ahem anyway, they look awesome, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

DivX… %|

The Divx Quicktime plugin doesn’t work for me, but I watch them using VLC with no problems. It’s a good stand-by when the Quicktime codecs won’t work…

:smiley: cool dudes :smiley:

HEADCHEESE- hey thanks, thats cool you dont mind the sound too, it drives me crazy, i didnt even notice it at first then someone said somthing and its like all i can here is the poping, haha, anyway about 2 years ago i bought the ddclip le from http://www.softlab-nsk.com/ddclipro/ it is pretty decent, but i also hear their are a few good free audio/video editors, thanks for the nice post, i appreciate it!

akator- thanks man, i have been trying to learn as much as i can about trying to add diferent effects, blender truly has unlimited options, but i will still try to improve lighting, camera movements and lip sync, i hope to be doing this for a long time, for some strange reason it really seems to fit? if that makes any sense. oh yeah, changed the site, i cant spell worth a sh**, thanks a lot for the post!

Desperado17- thanks for at least trying, and thanks for the nice post, i had a rough time trying to find a codec to compress my avi’s with, and the one i use (Microsoft MPEG4 V2 downloaded at http://www.undercut.org/msmpeg4) seems to be the one that agrees with the most computers so i dont know if will be able to recode it again? like lemmy and akator say if you are interested in downloading another player that might be the best bet, i use windows media player, but i hear divx works too? thanks for trying.

also i’m suprised no one mentioned the scene where the guys face melts off, i over compressed the video so much his face acutally starts to melt in one scene, ahahaha, that was not intentional.
lots more to come so hopfully you guys arent tired of me yet!! haha

thanks for watching!

one more question. how did u get the meshes to disappear in a certain frame?

Great work, as usual, Wu. Really enjoyed it.



Great stuff as always :slight_smile:

not as funny as “the air is sweet” but this is a good animation. more, i want mooooooooore.

Like it. Good work yet again.

:smiley: thanks guys :smiley:

HEADCHEESE- it is actually pretty simple, i will render a scene, say frame 1 to 15, then remove the model, and then render frame 17 to 30. then with a video editor attach the two animations together, and the mesh disappears seamlessly. good luck.

block01cube- thanks for countinueing to watch and post, thanks!

=KH=Lupus- hey thanks!

mifune- i got tons of ideas, i will run out of webspace before i run out of ideas, haha, and as much as i dont want to admit it i agree, i liked the humor of the last spacecraft the best, the next few ideas i have made me laugh a lot when i wrote them, just like the last spacecraft so i think they will be funny.

sornen- thanks for taking the time to download, glad you liked it!

thanks a lot for the feedback, it is a lot of fun to make, so i’m glad people are still willing to take the time to download, watch and post feedback!
:smiley: thanks :smiley:

HEADCHEESE- it is actually pretty simple, i will render a scene, say frame 1 to 15, then remove the model, and then render frame 17 to 30. then with a video editor attach the two animations together, and the mesh disappears seamlessly. good luck.

There are a couple of simpler methods. You can keyframe which layer an object is on. Just have it switch to a non visible layer when you want it to vanish.
If you wish to have it fade out gradually keyframe the alpha value to 0.

Love your animations :smiley: :smiley:

Hope this helps,

greybeard: lol i just watch ur new vid tute. u taught me SOOOOOOOOO much. Im making a tute about switching cameras. The idea was brewed from ur tute… dont worry, u will be commended in it. :smiley:

Funny animation :slight_smile:
And Wu, do you mind swf-nizing your work? eaguirre
calls for animation Blender files for testing the new flash export script, can you have a look? please.

:smiley: hey now :smiley:

GreyBeard- good tip, and glad you like the animations, thanks.

Oyster- thanks, i would love to be able to help, this really sounds like it could also help reduce the massive size of my avi files, however, i usually never do more then about 5sec of aniamtion at a time, due to the constant texture changes, and also i have deleted many of the files that include animation, all i really have now is just the models with no animation set to them, sorry

haha, that’s awesome!

I bet you could make a commercial DVD if you keep coming up with great toons like these! (Actually, would you be allowed to do that with an open source program? hmm…)

Just a thought :wink:

hehehe! great stuff!

thanks for the posts

superx10- thanks for the nice post, i have thought of this idea too, both dvd and cds to be veiwed on computer, but i never thought of the other question of leagal matters, good note i will look into it, but i think it should be cool, i have seen others on this site profit with things like games and web design so i think its cool, thanks

Modron- you were able to veiw it finally cool, thanks for the post you were actually the first one to post when i made the very first character, look what a mess you started, i blame you for everything, haha, thanks for the post man

i’m currently busy finishing up the next animation “Old Folks” for November. thanks for taking the time to check it out!