(Girardi) #1

Halloween is over, it’s for the next year:)

(Robin) #2

What is it?

(Girardi) #3

well, I’m just playing with color, form and lights to make a mask of halloween:)
the eyes are photos of fossils (260 millions years)
perhaps it’s that who gave it a strange look.
you donk like it?

(indigomonkey) #4

It’s crazy! I think texturing the rest of the face would be good.

(Girardi) #5

thanks, it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

(Robin) #6

I like it but I didn’t really knew what it was.

(punkfrog) #7

kind of a pyschodelic tiki thing.

(ralphbluecoat) #8

I think texturing the rest of the face would be good.

It would be cool adding a noise texture to it, i think it fits it nicely.

(sundialsvc4) #9

Oh, good heavens! A picture of a company Christmas Party! :smiley:

After the second round of drinks, of course. :wink:

(Maaatt) #10

he he it looks funny:) Now set it smooth and it will be funnier. oh and there are some hairs going trough the Eyebrow thing cant explain it.

(Girardi) #11

thanks for your replies :slight_smile:
sundialsvc4, drinks is not a good thing for everbody, for the skake of mankind…
i have to change texture, hair etc;
but setsmooth is already on ,peharps to put subsurf on the mouth?