Hi all!!

this is an image that I made for halloween…


well, is not finished I go put more some thing… like a owl…

but I do not know what can be happening when I use the “stars” in World buttons… the star seem to stay in front a camera =/



well, while it does not finish I would like C&C about the image ^^


I like it.
Its a little dark that might be my screen and the grass looks like it could use some variation. nice light and material, fix the grass some and you will have a nice simple image that looks pro and says Halloween.

What is the MinDist set at under the stars button? Try setting that to the farthest distance an object is away from the camera that you want the stars to be behind. What renderer are you using? This picture looks great, especially the pumpkin material under the moon. Are you going to add a gnarly old tree for the owl to sit on?

Yes… I try change value of MinDist, but i can’t fix this… I will try more latter…

about render… I use internal render witch some adjust in Nodes… the old tree for the owl is a great idea!

sry my english and tks for coments

Nice use of light, looks good