Wanted to wish everyone happy Halloween and was wondering what you guys are doing

I’m going trick or treating with my friend. I already made a map so we can get the most candy possible lol

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:
We don’t do a lot of Halloween here in my town in the Netherlands, but I vaguely remember some younger kids asking for candies last year.

Man, I had even searched for my monstermask, to scare them when I opened the door :evilgrin:. But they didn’t show up :frowning:

I’m rigging a character for halloween. :smiley:

this was my last trick or treating year :frowning:

Despite the fact it was a friday in the middle of an indian summer there were less than a third of the trick-or-treaters out from last year, our candy bowl still has a lot of stuff, stupid football games.

oh yea!!! I got tons of candy :):slight_smile: now im going to eat it

I had one trick or treater show up. Had I know he would be the only one I would have just dumped the whole bowl on him, turned off the light and gone to bed.

However, my annual viewing of “The Crow” was a stunning success.

EDIT - you know what sucks… i dunno… maybe I’m just getting all old and nostalgic, but when I was a kid I lived in a neighborhood very similar to the one I live in now, and on Halloween it was wall to wall kids. All over the fucking place there were kids. All scaring the crap out of each other and running around and throwing those toxic glowing sticks all over the place, and late at night a few of us would sneak out and TP half the town…

Now I’m all old and i want to see that. I mean, yeah, maybe it would suck getting TP in my trees, but I would love to see a swarm of kids dressed up and running around like raving maniacs one night out of the year. I used to love Halloween, but the last few years has been a total downer. The one trick or treater I had this year was the first and only one I’ve had in maybe three years, and even at my sister’s neighborhood there’s few out. Her hood is literally chock full of elementary / jr high school kids. Ever damn house in her area is either rich old people (prime candy-giving targets) or young families. I was at her place for Halloween a few years ago and we got maybe a half dozen kids.

Did anyone get kids out there trick or treating? It just bums me out. I bought a ton of candy this year thinking that I’d have droves of kids, since every other house in my area now has kids in it… i figured they’d be all over the place, but even just driving home from work you could see the streets were totally empty. What the hell happened that made this holiday get all the fun sucked out of it?

Well I went on my Church’s food drive (Churches all around town organize and collect food from basically the entire city and give it all to the local food bank…), and tyhat was alot of fun…(Not to mention the perfect excuse to trick or treat at 17…lol), I got a about a shopping bag full, yum yum yum…now I’m off to play with my newly aquired After Effects :slight_smile:

@ Squiggly_P:
That is really depressing.

Who needs an excuse to go trick or treating at 17? hehe, all though I didn’t get a very good score, I probably should have gone out earlier. But he did get a bunch of kids here. Our candy basket is looking kinda empty. I guess I’m off to Walmart or Safeway tomorrow to get some candy ^.^

We sat in our home watching/laughing at the very few trick or treaters that went past.

We didn’t buy any lollies to give them so we put a sign on our letterbox saying “Please Use the Other Driveway” (we only have one driveway :p). We also had signs saying “We’re Not Home” and “Go Away!”

@Squiggly_P: the number of trick or treaters has definitely gone down a lot. Last year I went trick or treating and there were plenty of other people out as well. However, this year I only saw 2 groups of people walking past!

I think within the past decade with people becoming more paranoid towards “stranger danger” and those just few random x-factors out there who either take the holiday way too seriously (i.e. treat 4 year-olds to scares that would make a mid-twenties body builder need a new pair of pants) or just don’t celebrate at all make it so that gatherings are the new thing.

Parents can control the environment better, all the candy will be safe and relatively rationed, and the participants will be safe (since it’ll all be arranged and privatized) as you eliminate a lot of the strange-o weird people out there who may be bold enough to try something at their own house, but would never do it at a block-party or other get together.

Besides that, kids are so apathetic now-a-days that having to walk all the way down the street to get some candy would just tire them out and frustrate the whole matter. If mommy and daddy will buy it for you, why bother, right?

But in truth, a lot of it depends on your environment. In areas with a strong sense of community t-o-t is probably going to be more popular, while in areas where most of the young population has grown up/gone away or with a more dangerous vibe (even if its not a justified feeling), your going to see the get togethers or evening at homers more.

Exactly. Last year there were TONS of trick or treaters. They even had the cops going around.
But this year there were quite a few, but significantly less. My parents are a prime example of that point; they told me stuff about those weirdos who grab you, choke you, then rape you. I’m not exaggerating either. THAT IS WHAT THEY SAID. I almost didn’t want to go trick or treating. In fact, I hung around our house so much, I barely got any candy. In fact, our community is rather small and I doubt any weirdos were lurking around.

I think Trick-or-Treating is a waste of time. While teens dressed as telletubbies(seriously) came and knocked on our door, I stayed sucked up in the computer, time much better spent.

That’s because we call it Sint Maarten. It’s like halloween except you don’t have to dress up or ask trick or treat. You just sing a song about Sint Maarten and get free candy.

It used to be a neighbourhood activity, organised by some parents but they stopped doing it because the mother who really organised everything died a few years ago.

Yeah true :smiley: I was already imagining those kids singing Sint Maartne @ Halloween :smiley:
(:eek: I remember myself walking with my classmates over our playground (I was , 10 I think) singing Sint Maarten, and we got candies from our teacher. YAY! :D)

Sint Maarten, Sint Maarten
De koeien hebben staarten

I forgot the rest.

Heh, good times.

I mady my face slightly resemble that of the Crow, and went to a party :stuck_out_tongue: I forgot to wrap myself up in ducttape though :open_mouth: So funny getting on the bus that way, I scared some people when I walked through it, looking for a spot :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone else was normal, though. Holland doesn’t really do much at Halloween, and I don’t think there’s a dutch equivalent of yelling ‘trick or treat!’ :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe ‘je snoep of je leven?’ (your candy or your life :D)

Sint Maartin, Sint Maarten,
De koeien hebben staarten.
De meisjes hebben rokjes aan.
Daar komt Sinte Maarten aan!


Thats not good… You are supposed to hang out with friends and have fun, not stay by yourself. And you’re only 10, I’m 14 and still go! Its just an excuse to get free candy :yes: