I would like to review Halloween 19 game, but I can’t locate a place where
I could download it. Blendergames.com is down so can anyone give me that
game. Or just tell me what happened to ineedanewbike because I havent’t
seen him anywhere around here…
—I wan’t to view that game cuz I don’t understand some things and I would
like to check how were they done in Halloween19

What kind of thing did you see in his game that you would like to do? You can always Search for the game. just ask or search for what ever you need help in.

Yep, hard to find, but got it. just click this link and see http://www.geocities.com/ineedanewbike/Halloween.html It’s geocities, so if it doesn’t work, copy and paste link in your browser. 8)

I knew that link was there, but that’s why I needed your help, cuz the
download link isn’t working and if someone has this game can he upload it.
Blendergames…com is down, but there was the correct link to download it.

Yeah, I found the game on my PC. In the past I made a folder called Blendergames. But the problem is, got modem connection of 56 kb/s, and uploading it to a server take ages. And I also don’t have a server which support uplaoding more than 3 mb. But if no one has the game to upload it for ya, I can ask a friend of my on the diving club. he has got a own server. So if no one can’t do it, I shall try it. 8)