Halloween's over, time for some christmas overkill

The stores are already setting up for christmas so here’s a video that gives a new meaning to decoration.

I heard on the news this caused so many people’s attention that the police ordered them to take it down

This, son, is as old as time.

I think this is older than the internet…

Yes, and unlike wine, it does not improve with age.

God, I’d be scared to go anywhere near a house like that.

And a store in London (Harrods) set up their christmas sale in august.

aah cool, super :smiley: :smiley:

Christmas??? Noo, not yet… First MOTAS burthday, then Sint Maarten (11-11 kinda dutch halloween) and then Sinterklaas (5-12 kinda dutch santa claus) and THEN Christmas… First things first :slight_smile: