Hallway - (grrrrr bugfix update, its really the last one)

man, i havent blended in forever :o

well, this is something that I made for an SMC last night. I’m pretty happy with how it came out.


i think i’m done with this, but if someone has any suggestions i would love to hear them.

EDIT: For final FINAL FINAL update, scroll down to my most recent post[

:smiley: Good! I like the mood, and the lighting. My only crit is that it is too grainy. Did you use AO or YafRay?

awsome! :smiley:

Looks good. I actually like the grain, it adds to the feel. Keep it up.

Very good! Guess you win :stuck_out_tongue:

dude! i love it! great lighting

thanks all :smiley:

i just finished a post-processed version:


Minor pp includes:
-slightly teal tint
-manual focal blur
-some subtle spec highlights in the spheres (dodge tool)

there is also a pp’d desktop size version here: http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz/albums/blenergetic/hallwaypp.jpg

tell me which you like better!

Looks good. I’m torn between the two, though.

Wow! Number two looks alot better!

me too! :wink:

thanks all for your comments :smiley:

ok, this is the FINAL update, i promise. It’s just that I liked the postprocessed version a lot, but I wanted to have a pure blender pic. Also, i liked the B&W w/o the teal tint.

So, I tweaked the image in blender to get that subtle spec., and used both the glow and zblur plugins to achive an image that’s (imo) better than the post’d one but still pure blender:


EDIT: mudpuddle.co.nz is down right now, so this link may not work at the time of reading__________________________________________
as usual, an uncropped version is here: http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz/albums/blenergetic/hallway.jpg

Please comment!

(and no more updates, i promise) :stuck_out_tongue:

That does look a lot nicer. The glow in the back is very nice and it looks better without the grain

Cool- except i dont understand why the reflection gets all bendy toward the end of the hall…?

grr i promised no more updates, but as Dwarfose pointed out, Blender had a bug which caused a bent reflection. So i re-rendered with 2.34 pre-release, and FINALLY have a FINAL image. (sorry for the WIP heh)

oh, i also cropped a bit closer on the right to stop the “whiteout” from becoming a focal point.


sorry :expressionless: [/img]

Looks great. My crits are as follows:

The first render is great because of the raw quality of the grain. The picture is sharp, yet softened by the light at the end of the hallway which adds a nice contrast. The war between raw and soft is what makes me like it so much. All of the post processed versions are “nicer” but they lack the edge of the first one. So, my suggestion would be to make the texture you have on the balls sharper, smaller noise size, so that you regain the raw quality of the image without the pixelation of the grain. Anyhow. Just my .02 - take it as you will.

I quite like it.

Where are rest of the balls reflections on top of image? Or is it just idea of the image… ?!