Hallway made in Blender Cycles


wanted to share you my new experiment in interior rendering
hope you like it


Man it,s so awesome

looks nice, are you going to improve the final render?

I’m looking for suggestions, coz only thing i can improve now would be the samples

@alf0 . thanks bro

I like it, it’s simple, but very impressive.

On thinks you could maybe improve:

  • I can see an unnecessary seam in the left wall at the bottom of the stairs.
  • The right wall has much smaller “bricks” than the left one and because of that I can sort of see the repeating pattern
  • consider making the bumb in the crack bigger, seem quite flat to me.
  • the last thing in mind is making the small lights on the stairs more complex, seems like a simple emission plane right now. Maybe try making it look like there are several LEDs inside, therefore several brighet spots in one stripe (with camera lightpath to not increase samples) or maybe some more post on them? I am not sure, but they were actually the first thing I noticed to seem a little off.
  • the texture on the stairs seem also a little repetitive
  • the railing seems to close to the wall you coud hurt your hand on the wall then…

These are all details just to consider :slight_smile: good work.

Thanks alot bro, appreciated
here i did some edits, hope u like it


There’s a rather mysterious quality to the second version which is nice, making you wonder exactly where it goes.

Great improvement, the atmosphere is about perfect.

Looks great!
Well if you wanted me to nitpick the texture on top of the stairs is still very visibly repeating, but the atmosphere is just spot on.
I would just crank up the resolution and let it render. Great work

this is more beater than the first, maybe because i cant reach to this high rez ,and never try,d to do it before make me cant see some details :slight_smile: but i think it,s awesome