Hallway of words

Hey there!

Well, I’m relatively new here, so I might as well start by having everyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, all C&C will be welcome and duly considered.

Ok, besides a couple of untextured objects, this scene is largely layed out the way it should be, at least from this camera angle. It needs work though, so… lay it on me, people.


Note, it’s called the hallway of words for reasons which will probably be explained later.

I see little untextured objects. Looks really good… however… the wheel/handle on the pipe in the front… doesn’t look like it actually can be turned, looks welded to the pipe, apart from that, I can’t see anythong ‘wrong’ with it. Great work, I like the darkness, gives me a somewhat nostalgic feeling.

Wow better then anything I’ve done right now. Doesn’t look untextured. Apart from the handle thing it looks good.

Great work! Wonderful seeing so fabulos lighting!

Crits (that’s what you really need, right?:)):

  • The pipes look like plastic, or just metal with grease all over it. Too shiny, not
    dirty and rusty enough.
  • Some peoples monitors might be configured so that it’s harder to see the
    darker spots of the image. Maybe you should consider lighting it up a tad?
  • There seems to be some dither patterns around the pipes at the end of the
    hallway. Guess it’ll be gone when you render final at higher settings.
  • It would be fantastic to have some little white glowing dustparticles in that
    window light. Would add a nice extra level of micro-detail to the image.
  • Is the image post-pro’ed? The colors are kinda dull. Would add much more
    if you let one color dominate. Would add more style.
  • In post-pro, it would also be nice, if you could add some glow and blurryness
    to the highlights - especially around the window. Maybe even a soft focus effect.
    I really miss some style and soul…
  • Also, a message in the image would be nice, but sounds like you already
    have something coming up. Looking forward to that.

Hope it’s useful.

Bleedforme: It’s kinda obscured by the depth of field, but the valve wheel is not actually welded to the pipe, it’s threaded on, but it’s also hidden by the angle its shot at.

Idenhart: Thank you. :slight_smile:

The M.h.p.e.: May I just say that I admire Altruism extremely? Cause I do, I love it. Right, down to business.
-The pipes are killing me. Would you believe I have the normal set to 4? It still doesn’t look bumpy. I’m considering slapping a procedural texture over-top. *
-I already made it a bit brighter, but eh… I want it to be bright without looking like it’s actually bright, you know what I mean? *
-Yeah, I was considering light bloom, didn’t want to put it in in case it obscured anything.

*Tips on these would be appreciated and most welcome.

BlackBoe: Thank you very much! Looking at this, I think you’re very talented
as well! Looking forward to seeing more of the same kind!:slight_smile:

Procedurals are always useful. In cases like this, where you want to dirty it down,
they are essential.
A single cloud procedural will many times save your day. But remember that
2 or 3 cloud procedurals with different settings, colors and influences on top of
each other sometimes can compliment, or in some cases even substitute, an image
based texture.

Play around with settings and colors until you get something good. Often,
it’s just a question of setting the right size so that it isn’t to big, which will
naturally make very little effect, and choosing what to map to (like “nor” or “col” etc.).

Tip for getting the right size and mapping for your procedurals:
Before I start playing with anything else, I apply the procedural to the col channel
with a “screaming” color (like the default one) and render some previews until
I’m satisfied with the size and mapping of the procedural.

The cloud procedural is by far the one I use the most, but don’t let yourself
be limited to only using that. When aiming to recreate specific real-life materials
with procedurals, many of the other procedural types will with a bit of tweaking
look very much like the real thing - and no image textures means no repeating

Hope it helped somehow and wasn’t to trivial. All I can say is that I experiment
alot myself, and just do what I find natural. That then results in me not really
being able to describe exactly “how-to” but ultimately just encourage you to do
whatever you feel is right.

Hope I’m not babbleling to much. To my knowlege there is no specific formular, but
there’s always small tips!

Too much black, not enough scene.

MartyJ: I was almost definately sure someone would say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry people, this is another dark shot. On the bright side though, the finished animation will have a normal light shot, but this is just the lighting for the mood shot, so it’s slightly more important. Yeah, sorry again. But you will get a bright(er) shot later. XD

Also, The M.h.p.e., I tried to incorperate that one colour idea, though I don’t know how well it worked out. Same with the specular on the pipes, though I don’t know how well that worked out either, I have a couple ideas. Also, added the blur I said I was going to. I forgot to try the microparticles, but then, I don’t know how to do that. I’m relatively new to blender. >:/

Also, I’m wondering if there should be some kind of mold/water stains under the windows. Would it be possible to do something like this procedurally or would I have to make duplicate textures for the walls and paint it in? Either way I’m considering it, but if there’s a more efficient way, then I’m for it.


The scene is simply much too dark. The only area that is well-lit is where the sunlight is streaming in … specifically, the walls to either side.

Set some more lights so that the entire hallway is at least as well-lit.

The intended effect will not be lost in so doing.

Very nice indeed, though I prefer the original to the new version. The major thing that catches my eye is the shadow of the centrebar of the window running along the ceiling. In reality the light from outside would be bounced around and coming from all different angles so you’d actually get a much smaller, triangular dark patch above the window.

PaulJ: actually, I think that’s a volumetric light effect, not a shadow, from the mullion. Could be played down just a tad, tho. That light effect is quite nice, I like it.

RE the darkness, yes, it is a bit too dark, but perhaps just moving the camera up toward the window would alleviate that?

The biggest issue I see is the floor: the planks just don’t look real yet, but they are a focal point of the image. (It is a wood-plank floor, yes?) The gaps are too wide, the texture unconvincing and flat.

The “Brazil” feel to this is great. Can it be played up even more, with more protrusions, ducts, and such? More color, as has been suggested? Perhaps some junk on the floor?

Nice work, the lighting is cool.

Improved in some parts indeed, yet I kinda miss the old camera angle…
Also, you should generally go much easier on the specularity for materials. The
scene looks greasy and slimy in some areas (especially the pipes should have
very little spec. I asume that they are a bit rusty).

Have a look at particles. There should be plenty of info on that on the internet
and the wiki to get you started…

Keep it going!

I would say that if you were going to have the camera that close to the floor boards, model them instead of just using a texture.

Wow, thanks for the comments, people. I was afraid all I was going it get was “is dark : (” after a while. XD

No, seriously though, trying to lighten it up while retaining the original atmosphere, and I’ll do my best to incorperate the advice.

PaulJ: I think I prefer parts of the first one too. Trying to find a happy medium.

Ok, Blenderage: I’m not too sure how I should do the floorboards. :confused: I don’t want to model them ALL because they’re only in the close-up for the first 3 seconds. I’m gonna do some texture editing (or replacing) to make them look better, but the close-up only lasts on those boards for 3 seconds before cutting to the high-up shot, and I want to keep polygons within a feasibly renderable level for me, unless I suddenly get my hands on a renderfarm. XD So, any advice on how to make a good transition would be nice.

Ok, will work on

The M.h.p.e: particles, specular

Eku: extra junk, fixing the light beams

Thanks people for bearing with me. I’m starting to get the hang of blender but I’m still very unfamiliar with it, and 3d modelling/rendering in generally. Your help is all much appreciated, and the next post I make will have a picture stuck on it.

Pretty good. I like the realism to it although it doesn’t seem totally realistic.

Nice wod texture although it could do with looking more worn away