Hallway Z-56

Hi, this is a scene i made after helping out making a liquid tube in a gun…long story…
Anyway i decided to include taat liquid in a scene, and this is what i came up with. I posted this also in the WIP section (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=192147)
I am not exactly sure if this is done or not, so i am posting this here to get any final comments or critiques, before i post in the finished projects section.

Here is the final render i came up with. (I cant get any higher resolution, without blender crashing for some reason…)
Here is the animation of the liquid in the scene (Ill post a link to a hi res one when i have time to render it): http://vimeo.com/13718118


Ah i forgot to bevel stuff, here is an updated one…
Sorry for the page stretch, if this is a problem i can make a thumbnail instead of the full sized image.


First of all, VERY good. the lighting is near perfect, the modelling’s ok. the texturing is awesome. But honestly, i didn’t know that was a liquid until i read the description. I would turn down the glow and maybe put in some bubbles or something. Still very good though!

Hey, thanks alot mate! I am very glad to hear that my texturing was awesome, because usually texturing is the weak point in my renders!

About the liquid, i dunno, maybe i gave it a wrong description, maybe more like a liquid-ish substance, or maybe just plasma or something along those lines, but that would just melt the glass, so, i dont know, its something though. I think i am happy with how it is though… thanks for the suggestion though, those are always welcome!

So on that note, this is actually in the finished section: Here is the link: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=193470

Looks great, I like the blue light inside the tubes, cool look.

Thnx mate!

Great job on this scene. I keep wondering what is behind those doors.

Looks really good. Focused critique tho so I felt obligated to try to find something to suggest…

The texture on the door, it creates almost a 2nd pattern from left to right, or mirrored x-y, I can’t quite peg it. My guess is it’s coincidental, but I might shift things a bit so all parts of the door are “unique”.

The reflection on the tubes are very sharp. I might add just a touch of gloss on the reflection 0.99 or 98. This will give you the reflection still but will “scatter” it a little more.

Those are just suggestions, as it stands render looks great! Good job =D