Halo 2 PC version to come out 5/23/07! But...

It requires Windows Vista as a minimum, and the video card doesn’t even have to be DirectX 10 compatible!!:mad::mad: link link2 Too bad for all of us XP users who don’t have an X-Box.:no: %$#&^[email protected]$ Microsoft…

Don’t worry, when Wine has DX10 support, all the Linux geeks in the world will get Halo 2 to work on Linux. I’ve gotten Halo CE to work here on Ubuntu.

Who cares, we have far superior games. Halo 2 is for console gamers who don’t know better.

I’m sure there will be a workaround/hack to run it on XP. If MS wants to force me to buy their new OS to play their new game, then they’ll lose my business with their game. I’ll just pirate it and hack it to play on XP.

The console games I’ve played have usually always been superior to PC games. You don’t even get Burnout for the PC. Now that the XBox 360 has a keyboard and mouse adaptor, it becomes a lot more viable for FPS games. The only thing in the way is the cost of the consoles and games. Plus there is still a greater selection of older games on the PC. Maybe not compared to the PS2 though. In fact the PS2 has an adaptor too:


If I was to get a console again, it would be between the 360 and the PS2. I sold my PS2 months ago though because I never play it.

Companies never seem to learn do they. Consumers have all the power.

I don’t think Microsoft WANTS to learn. PCs will always be better than console games because of the compatability of them. You can run a console on the PC, but you can’t fully run a PC on a console. And at the rate console systems are traveling, soon they’ll just be computers conected to a TV anyway, which you can already do now.

Console or PC for gaming? It all depends how often and what you want to play… I play quite rarely, but when I do, I play mostly strategy and few FPS games (operation flashpoint etc. more “realistic” games). There are quite few of those games for consoles that I like to play and also I absolutely want a mouse and keyboard for those games. Also there is no need for a separate console when I already have my PC.

In my opinion consoles are great for party games (Wii for example is really great) and it seems that people are willing to use those gamepads for FPS type of games too. Also those new controllers are fun and innovative (Wii Remote & PS 3 sixaxis). Consoles are quite easy & fast to operate and those new big HDTVs are great companion for the new consoles.

All in all consoles and PCs are getting closer and closer (as mentioned already) and they both have their strengths.

I have a console for those type of games, but many games such as CounterStrike and Oblivion are so much better on PC.

Setting apart the console vs PC war, I don’t think there is anything special about Halo to warrant any effort at all into being able to play it.


I doubt Halo 2 will make even a dent among PC gamers. Besides who would pay full prize out of a game you can get less about 20 euros or so from a bargain bin for? Granted it needs a console but still.

I remember playing Halo when it came on PC, played it quite a bit before I got bored and stopped playing. I never botherd to finish it and each time I installed it again to play it through I just couldn’t. There’s just wasn’t anything particulary outstanding about it.

hmm… my problem with h2 is it took everything I liked about halo 1 and got rid of it, and the pc halo even has online multiplayer. not to mention better weapon balance etc.

I never really liked consoles for games, but the “next gen” consoles, especially the controllers, really bug me (everyone says they’re innovative, but they’re pretty much just gimmicks, and none of the technology is even very new) especially the wii- the motion tracking is crap- I had an easier time getting the duck hunt gun to aim right for g*ds sake… [/rant]

yeah, and computers are already faster than the latest consoles, and they’re continuously getting better, it’ll be years till the next set of consoles (just look at crysis)

Soddem all, it’ll all look rubbish when Crysis comes out, cause that (at the moment) is only for PC and blows anything i’ve seen in development out of the water, includingthe PC version of Halo 2.

As for compatability, i often take the operating system requirements with a pinch of salt because most games that HAVE to have XP i once ran on 2000 without installing any patches and i think the smae will happen for the VISTA requirement on XP.

…except XP won’t have DX10, unless it’s hacked.

I guess the main problem is, about 70% of people who have computers, don’t have them up-to-date. I’ve seen over 700mb graphics cards around, and nobody I know has 512mb. So most people have out-dated computers, and most of them would probably keel over and die just loading the cd art of Crysis.

I dunno of this is a good idea. I have played Halo (1) on the pc, and I must admit it had an horrible multiplayer. When you reached a ping of 99 or above, you’re ingame character was frozen on the ground and pauzed in game while the rest who had a ping lower then 99 was still on killing spree. The idea behind this was that when you lagged a lot you where paused in game to prefent that player had problems to shoot you. As soon your ping went lower it were able to move around again.

For me this was the most stupid idea ever. I had 100kb/s internet in that time and it was impossible for me to play the game online. A lot of time I had a ping around 100 and was paused and shot in game because of that stupid ping and pause system.

Also I think they should keep Halo on the Xbox, because I don’t think non xbox users will play Halo that much. Because why should we if there are better multiplayer games? If people buy Halo 2 for the pc, I think it’s just because of the singleplayer.

in the end run people that prefer consoles and dis out PC systems need to realise… that as soon as the PS3 and XBOX 360 came with a mouse and keybord ALL THEY BECAME WWERE PC’S, WITH PC COMPONENTS AND A BOX THAT LIMITS THEM FROM USING THOSE COMPONENTS IN ANY OTHER WAY THEN DIRECTED… seriously… a console is just a pc box with a crap loada restrictions…

I’ve gotten Halo CE to work here on Ubuntu.

Have you had the laggy mouse problem? If so how did you solve it?

I liked halo 2 for coop mode.

when whine is x10 compatable and will run any game without problems. then there will be no good resen to use windows.