Halo 3 Finish the Fight

YeS!!! It is finally coming out!!! Bungie.net says that they are realising Haloe 3 Finish the Fight sometime in 2007. I can’t wait, but the only problem is that I am going to have to get a Xbox360. Ouch that will be 400 bucks that I could use for a truck that I want to get. This game is defenitly going to be worth the wait if it is anywhere near as good as Halo 1 & 2 were.

If you are not a Halo type of guy or haven’t heard of the Halo series go check it out. The first trailer that Bungie released for Halo 3 wasn’t that great but it showed some awesome graphics and it showed that there is going to be a very very awesome story line in Halo 3. You guys have got to go check it out!


Yeah, I’m pretty excited. Did you notice they added the AR back in?.. but the final boss battle? Does this mean it’s the last instalment in the series?

yeah this is the last of the series.

For me, halo 2 was a dissapointment. they took out the awesome pistol, and replaced it with a crappy one. The campaign was too short also.

Im more interested in the story than the game itself…

actually, i think the trailer that they released ( i first saw it on g4) looked rather crappy

make that really crappy

the graphics in the cinematic looked like original xbox quality graphics

if i were you guys, i would buy the ps3 or the nintendo wii

Phh, forget the ps3. Have you heard the latest news? I think the wii is the only next gen system worth considering.

well i agree with you that the wii looks awesome ( i am definetly considering it), but i just can’t see too many games coming out for it that were ported from other systems (although a remake of fight night with the numchuck being your left hand in the game and the wiimote being your right hand, you could actually swing and punch at the screen :eek: :eek: but they probably wont do that)

Yeah I saw the AR in the trailer. I like with the AR how you could just go Rambo down the hallways unloading clip after clip. Fun!

I thought the trailer was pretty good quality. I have to disagree with you about it being Halo 1 quality!

Halo 2 campaing didn’t have that exciting “ummmph” that Halo 1 did. But then a lot of series the second whatever isn’t as good as the first whatever.

I think the pistol was nerfed on Halo 2 because everyone was just using it like a sniper rifle and getting the three head shot kills. I think Bungie wanted you to have more types of gun strats than just using the pistol to out shoot ppl with snipers and BRs in Halo 2.

Stick with Xbox, PS3=BAD TIMES. Yucky controllers. Not as many sweet games.

I’ve only played the demo of Halo 1 and beat Halo 2, and I’d have to say that Halo 1 was cooler. But, I did play Halo 1 on PC, which I think is better atmosphere wise.

And about the graphics being Halo 1-ish, my foot.

They’ve changed the designs back to the old dualshock, so no :wink:

The trailer was alright, not really that good in terms of cinamatics, the music was off and all of that but the it does show of the 360’s graphical capabilities.

I still see nothing special in any of the Halo games, first and second were quite boring. The multiplayer/coop modes were the only thing that kept the game alive. The one player plot was pathetic.

I doubt the 3rd one will be any good, since it follows the same storyline.

If I get a console (which is a very big if) it will be the PS3.


agreed, its basically a beef upped action movie

henrymop and sirymikey, I think when he said original xboxish, he cold have been talking about halo 2 also.

I thought the graphical leap from halo1 to halo2 was amzing, but this just to halo3 from 2 doesnt look as good. Though they did say and it showed that light reflects off of everything, they said you could see the reflection of the AR clip amount in the visor of master chief.

I still want to see more about the story though, they say its supposed to be much darker since its the end of the series, mc dies?!!! NOOOO (jk, or am i?)
From the trailer it looks like cortana might be bad, which would be a nice twist to the plot.
They also said the covenent now control earth, and are saying there might be a forruner (stuff on the halos) under earth.

I just hope they dont shaft us again like in halo2 where they say, “November 7, earth will never be the same” and then for only like the first mission they put us on some random ass african city with two marines and a warthhog to save earth, and then put us on another halo. Wait, I have to do exactly what i did in halo1, what what im leaving earth what?!!!

I think bungie wont fusk this one up though, I think they know, they owe us somethin for screwin us over with halo2

no more floods, please :frowning:

I thought Halo 2 was crap.

To many errors for my likeing. Did you know that in multiplayer you can kill a person in a tank with a pistol but not a sniper rifle. I also found myself jumping out the levels to easily with out trying.

I hated that they removed the machine gun in Halo1 for that SMG crap.

:eek: I didn’t know the original xbox supported HD, realtime reflection, realtime HDR, normal maps, motionblur…and THAT many polygones without a single laggy frame…

go look again, you don’t know what you’re tlaking about

Realtime reflection is an env-map, the poly count is thanks to parellel mapping (not reall polygons, just a bump map in respect to the camera to make it actually look like more than a bump map), the original X-Box did have High Definition, and motionblur could be programmed into a game. And the framerate on the 360 is lower than that of the original X-Box. Sorry, it’s crap.

i know what you mean, but really wasnt that impressive

ok so it was high definition. So what? it was all pre-rendered, and considering it was pre-rendered it was crap

sorry double post…while editing my post…weird…

again, go learn your stuff. It was real-time rendered. It was clearly stated that this was real-time, like every cinematics in halo2.

and, I don’t know. I,ve been in 3d stuff for like 4years and I’ve played hundreds of games of every genre…and I can say that on older console that type of graphic were completly impossible. Only a couple next gen game can compete with such graphics in real-time…

please highligthen me if I’m completly wrong…find me alot of other games that look as good…you’ll only find a couple next-gen one…

and Tynach,
I think it’s called parralax mapping…and still no older console could possibly have a powerful enough GPU to render such complex shaders. As far as the framerate…I don’t know why you’d need more than 30fps…and that is the minimum requirement microsoft impose for games on the 360…

I mean, ok maybe you don’t like the game or anything…but we’re talking graphic here…and for a real time game…it’s totally awesome. THe immensity of the scene, with the dozens of spaceships in the view and all the lighting effects…the particles and all. And even then, the game will look better in a year…I don’t understand you guys…