Halo 3 Gameplay Footage!!

Being a huge halo fan, i have no words to express how beautiful this game looks.


sweet, seems like multiplayer will be a lot more fun. looks pretty good so far.

I don’t know, it looks like more kill everything you see action to me. It looks nicer but you’d expect that from the xbox360. It’s so hard to tell with those low-res videos though. Here’s another trailer showing mostly the same action but different comments from the animators:

When you hear the designers talking, it sounds like they were quite happy to rip-off other characters and you can clearly see the predator resemblance in the CG trailer. It doesn’t really surprise me given who they work for but I don’t like to see artists talking like that. They should get Sago on the team.

As always I’ll have to wait until the game release before judging it but it doesn’t look all that promising. I guess it also depends on what game styles you like.

Well, I know that this is a “work in progress”, but still, you’d think the graphics would be a little better (even at this stage) playing on the 360. (talking about the parts in there that were fully textured and shaded)

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t GoW look much better than this?

Gears of War does look nice but there are parts with low-res textures and they use bloom too much. It’s hard to judge how Halo 3 looks based on the size of the preview but you’re right it doesn’t look all that great - the parts where the character sprays green blood look terrible. At least Gears of War has some proper blood effects.


Well compared to Halo 2, Halo 3 looks much better. Besides, most of the fun of Halo is playing online against other people in clans, so it’s natural that the objective is all about killing the opponent team members. Plus, i think you’re being way too judgemental from the footage, If you’ve ever actually played Halo, the missions involve much more than killing. i.e. cutting support cables, retrieving artifacts, etc.

eh… yeah they got some of that but really… it’s run and gun. I swear, the halo 3 levels better be less linear than the halo 2 ones. those up and sucked. And, i dunno i just found halo 1’s multi player far superior to halo 2’s. sure, lots of you can come and bitch and yell about customization, tactically advanced maps, balanced weapons… etc.

but you know what halo 1 was? fun. it was simple. no crazy combos that you had to perfect your fucking timing on, no hours and hours of practice to be able to play someone better than you, it was kinda “get a power weapon, proceed to pwn everyone else. if some one else has power weapon, devise way to obtain it.” halo 2 mp bores me within 3-4 matches because there’s always some guy that’s sat in his basement memorizing everything and every combo. not so much with halo 1. it’s simple, unelegant fun. if someone wants tactics, heavy-duty skill and such, go play graw. or gow. not halo.

As for the graphics, i’ll be pissed if it doesn’t at least reach GoW levels. they’ve got some time to fix those up though.(it’s pre-alpha right now.)

And also, Keep in mind that the xbox 360 is still new(fairly). for the first couple yewars, all of the ps2 games looked a lot like ps1 games. Not to compare them to xbox, but it may be a while till they really start to up the graphics a ton

To everyone saying the graphics aren’t good- have you seen the massive amount of detail in the character models?? The shading is intense, the textures are high res… You should see the high resolution version.

Seen this before, well, the high resolution version anyway.

Allow me to say a big fat ‘Meh’. Looks just like the others. with better graphics. And brute pack mentality. Big shmeal. Maybe one day someone will rewrite the rules on FPSers, till then it’s just more of the same.

for a second generation game I’d say it is pretty disappointing at that stage.
They still have a lot of work that needs to be done. But most of the actions are nice and smooth. some are less tho…

But I always thought that game was overrated.

The story’s not, but the game itself is.

interesting that the movie go canned eh?