Halo 3 [Live]

Anyone here play?
xshatter stonex is me name, just add me and say your from BA

hope this doesnt seem like spam heh, but i need more friends on there! plus halo 3 is pretty nerdy and so is blender(in a good way =] ) so i figured this would be a good place to ask XD

It’s not as exciting as the story forum game . . . Hippie Mack.

haha, yea im going to have to revive that

halo 3 isn’t nerdy, it’s like hillbilly game man. It’s just too slow.

I shall have it soon, got the money for the xbox now I just need the money to buy some games :frowning:

Halo 3 is good because of multiplayer on xbox live, so its good to play when mates come over. More games should do that

andrew most games have multiplayer modes on the online feature…


sweet, yea i have spent a lot of money on that thing, i spent like 500$ in cash when i got it, it was sweet XD we had to get a controller, thats like 50$. plus halo 3, thats like 60$. plus the x box was like 400

when My friends come over, I pull out my handy dandy wii and put down my PS3

I’m AladdinP on xbox live, I’ll send you an invite sometime. :yes: Rank?

sweet, ok

im just a sad little gunnery sargent 2nd class right now =[
but im a 10 on the lone wolves playlist

My username is wickedbomb. add me

Im NXTwiz. this is my only account where my username is something else then NXTwiz

Halo 3 is more “frat boy” than nerdy. Unless you’ve read any of the Halo related books. Then it’s nerdy.

i also play Battlefield Bad Company all the time

halo is a ridiculously slow, a tad too zoomed in, great game

name’s blenderjunkie on live :stuck_out_tongue:

Awe last summer… when I had Xbox live… and still didn’t try to use good grammar on BA

I’m more of a computer guy now =P Steam anyone? Username: x_stone_x

add me! Louie The 17th