Halo and Billboard advice?

(TorQ) #1

I want to have steam in my demo I have created a plane with a steam texture applied to it then I select the faces and apply the halo or billboard attribute to them. When I press P they seem to lay down or shrink rather than face the camera as I assume they should. If anyone has a detailed explanation of how to do this correctly I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


(ineedanewbi) #2

the object’s mesh must be faceing the objects X axis

so go to edit buttons, click on axis, bottom left, to see the axis (duh)

then make the plane face the X axis, and try double sided

(TorQ) #3

Thanks! Just what I was looking for!


(wiseman303) #4

Try flipping the normals instead of using twoside.

Enter edit mode, select the vertices that make the face. Press ‘W’ and choose flip normals.[/u]

(calli) #5

Halo needs to face -X axis for some strange reason :wink:


(S_W) #6

Hey calli!
Great to see you here again! :stuck_out_tongue: