Halo and transparency


I am trying to place a halo behind a transparent object. The version with ztransp and alpha works out ok, but I would like to use raytracing for the transparent object. Raytracing and halo do not seem to go together, and when using Yafray I cannot see the halo at all.
Is there a plugin which renders halos and raytraces them ? Or is there a way to solve this with blender alone ?

Btw, I am using halos to simulate a light mode around a piece of glass. Is there a smarter way to “build” light (or lasers) ? The emit feature does not give the fuzzy look.

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I think this is a limitation of Yafray. I tried once to render a fish in a water tank. The tank was made of glass, and the fish was a simple texture with alpha on a plane.

Rendering the fish alone was ok, but no way to make it work correctly thru the glass :frowning:

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Hi gewi.

Try setting the “Unified Render” button in Scene Context’s “Format panel”.

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halos do not work in Yafray

Thanks for the replies. I set the unified render button, but that does not really do anything different.

Do you have any good idea how to make a fuzzy thing that looks like light ? more specifically, it is a light mode around a glass sphere, should look like a neon light wrapped around the equator of a glass sphere, with the part on the back of the sphere being partly attenuated (absorbed).


Radiocity. Try increasing the materials emit value and turn on RADIO in the buttons beside the Render button.

Also the unified renderer almost always produces better results because it renders everything in one pass. As a default, I render with nothing but the unified renderer.