Halo behind semitransparent object rendered in front

Hi everyone!
I am pretty new to blender so this is probably a newbie question, but I couldn’t find an answer to it in the knowledge base or the forums.

I have a very simple setup with an object which is in front of a halo and partially covering it. This renders correctly with the object rendered in front of the halo rings and lines that extend behind it. If I try to make the object semi-transparent I toggle Ztransp for the object but then the halo is redered completely on top of the object (i.e. looks like the halo is in front of the object which is not true).

I tried to play around with the settings but couldn’t find a solution. Is this due to some special behaviour of how halos are treated by the renderer or am I missing something? Any explanation or help is geatly appreciated … %|

I’m also kind of a newbie too so perhaps I’m wrong but I think if you’dd set -RAY- on in the F10 window, it may work.

Try it

Try unified renderer. It solves this kind of trouble with halos.

Thanks! It worked if I also used RayTransp instead of Ztransp for the semi-transparent. It is now rendered in the right order but the halo does still not shine through the semitransparent object. I guess this is because the halo is no object with geometry …

Is there a way to make a halo “shine through” a transparent object?

Sweet! If I used Ztransp and unified renderer I got the right results (a transparent object with a halo behind shining through). Didnät work with RayTransp and unified renderer though. Anyway it works now. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: