Halo: Blood Covenant

i found this website about an hour ago: http://www.consoletroopers.com/public/hbc/hbc_frameset.htm

it is a website for a game, a halo game. its a scrolling 2D shooter that is based of the first halo (not the stroyline) go ahead and download it(click on “download the demo from fileplanet” under downloads) i d/l’d it and thought is was pretty fun. hopefully you guys will like it.

note it is BETA, and many things are still being put into the game, so dont expect too muchnote

Pretty Cool.

I downloaded it, it was pretty fun but hard too (no saves!)

yeah…that is the only “not-so-cool” part…no saves. there will be in the newer realeases, along with vehicles, and new weapons. but dont excpect anything soon.