Halo CE ???


I was just wondering, so far all the tutorials and techniques for creating maps for Halo CE were using 3DS Max, but I was thinking (since I’m pretty sure blender can export in the 3DS Max filtype) that I could use Blender instead to create my stuff.

Has anyone tried it? if so what were the results?

Thanks, Borgleader

Anyone? :frowning:

It could work. But I’ve never tried it before.

No it won’t work because the files are packed in a certain format which blender doesn’t support (max only,supports it with a plug in) so unless someone has written a plug in that allows you to open that format in blender it’s not going to work :no:

My friend downloaded CE the other day with the intention of using blender to edit them but we found out about the above problem If you find out a solution let me know by posting it here because my friend would be interested!

why not export as an object file? doesn’t max accept those?

Well if it does it would, but this means you still need 3DS Max in order to edit/make Halo CE maps. I was planning on using Blender only.

I searched on this when I first bought Halo CE and had no luck. Unless you write the export script yourself, you aren’t going to be able to create things for Halo in Blender. I’m pretty sure the most you can do is model and then export to 3ds max. Get yourself a copy of Gmax (basically a free version of 3ds max) if you don’t have it already.

Ugh well no luck there I can’t code :frowning: