Halo Curves

Decided to mess with halos and curves for a bit.

Do you think they might make a cool desktop background?:smiley:

I noticed that although halos looked good in a lightsaber fashion, they would look MUCH better if they were sleek and round, which led me to this:


Beautiful! Any of those would be awesome as a wallpaper. The last one (Curvy6.jpg) is a little intense though. Too bright. But like wow man, all the others are superb!

wow, thanks!

from the outside looking in these look great but from being a blender user i have gotten a bit used to halo materials and they just arent that cool anymore to me that is

A few more…


I think they look very cool

Very nice! Your 8th image reminded me very much of something I made a little while back.

(Sorry!) Jacking thread…

You could animate the field of halos with a displace modifier, like in one of the animations on the blender.org website. Use a marble texture to make waves, that would be cool.

hmmm. Well I am working with the displace modifier rirght now- check it out.