halo doesn't render

Heya there. Maybe a stupid question. When I put a camera too close to a mesh with a halo material, the halo doesn’t render. You can see in the blend file that if you move the camera a little farther from the mesh, the halo is rendered, but at close distances, it is not. Thanks in advance guys.


halo prob.blend (125 KB)

click on yer camera and press F9 (editing). in the buttons window you will see the [start clipping distance]. Check that.

There could be other issues, halos are qwerky. if you have another object behind it in the camera view (think about depth), it could be being blocked. (Halos seem to fall to the very back in the Z-buffer) You may have to enable Z transparency on the materials of objects that are around or behind the halo.

Thanks a lot, changing the start clipping distance fixed it!