Halo effect and reflection

Hey everyone,
I’m working on a scene and want a neon-type sign to be hanging in the window of a bar that is glowing. I have played with the halo effect but it does not get reflected in my other object which uses ray mirror. Is this possible? This is a test of what I have been working with:

You can see the basic idea of what I’m shooting for. I need to add a lamp to emit some pink colored light but I’d like the words to be reflected. Any suggestions?

Halo’s are not ray-traced. So they will not reflect in Ray Mirror nor will they be visible through a Ray Transparent object. You could render out just the word Jazz to an RGBA image. Map that to a Ztrans plane and set the plane to shadeless. This will then give you something the Ray Mirror can reflect.

I can’t seem to get the alpha working right. I see my image on a grey plane. How do I get it to be transparent? Here are my settings. I’m sure I just missed something.


The image is a png with alpha channel. But instead of being transparent the background is grey.

I can’t see your image. But, try the following. Set the material’s Alpha (A slider) to 0.00. Make sure the Z trans button is selected. Set the Map To to Col and Alpha. Here is a real quick example and blend.

Trumpet.blend (85.1 KB)

Thanks for the help!