halo face problem

(chrisjengle) #1

when I set a face to halo in the vertex paint buttons, it faces the camera a-skiw when the camer is still and dissapears entirrly when the camera moves. Is this a known bug or my incompitance?

(blengine) #2

ok heres a guide for halo… the axis and direction of the halo face must be exact to work perfectly…

so, i usually start with the default plane and default camera to set it right…

your objects axis must be exactly that of the camera, then in edit mode, edit your plane… in front view, the face must face to the LEFT of the camera… and now itll work right

heres a pic of it:


(Pooba) #3

No, all the halo has to have is the face that you want to point toward the camera aligned with the x axis. Doing a ctrl-a should work.


(blengine) #4

what do u mean “no”? my way works too =) its the same thing, only your explanation is alot more clearer =D thanks

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(SHABA1) #6

What the heck is “a-skiw” This makes the post hard to read and determine what you are asking.

(wiseman303) #7

He meant askew. Give the guy a break, not everyone’s a perfect typist. Most people just look at the context that the word was used in and figure out what he was saying, instead of nit-picking over little mistakes.

chrisjenle, I’m afraid the only way to avoide the “spelling police” is to keep a dictionary beside the computer :-?