Halo: how to appear behind only. Is there no way?????

I have an animated charecter that needs a colored halo around his border, but not covering what’s facing the camera. How can I apply it border only?

Turn on Unified Renderer.

I can’t get that to work yet, but I hope its that simple.
What other controls do I need?

Is there no way???

how about rendering the character and the halo in separate passes. Then you can composite them together afterwards. Probably the simplest solution.

Could you up load a blend or explain a bit more. I’m unsure whether the halo object is behind the character or if the character has a halo material, whether they are 2 objects or 1.


There were 2 meshes, the body and the halo emitter. The ‘project director’ is using 3DS which can do perimiter halo. I was about to animate raw.avi in 2 passes (like zdk1 suggested) but it turns out the halo can be large enough that I can get away with a non animated emitter behind the character.
( the odd coloring is for a game engine to lock on to for versatile recoloring…)

Can I slightly hijack this thread to ask this dumb question…

Do halos work in YafRay? If so, is there some trick to getting them to work?

Might be worth a new thread. As for me, for what I do the internal with osa is good enough.