halo in 249.2

why my halo does not work ? i cant make spec effects. i use 249.2 version… and when i follow particle basic in BGE tutorial, there need to allow Halo - but for me doesnt work it. i reseted default settings, anyway - i cant see halo. maybe somoenme knows why?

you have to rotate mesh data of -90 degree around y axis in order to view halo.
look at attached file.


halo.blend (157 KB)

ya it works. how to apply that currently?

What do you mean, “how to apply that currently”? you rotate so it points along -X, that’s how.

aah - so. my plane must be rotated along -X or -Y axis?
and it is necessary that it must be rotated along that axis, otherways i will not see my halo from any side of view?

No, not your plane, only the vertices!
Add your plane in top view ( default)
Then enter Edit mode and in Front view turn all the points -90;
It should work now, I hope!