Halo Light falloff

Is there a way to fade off the halo effect of a spot light? In LightWave we could do this but I don’t see it as a setting in Blender. As it is now the effect just cuts off. How could I fade the edges? (this is for animation)

In the example below I want to fade from bottom to top so it is not so abrupt of a horizontal edge.


i think there is a setting for this halo check out the llamp panel
you can select between soft and hard shadows i think
also there is a var to set the soft portion widht

alos check out the doc on lamps i think there is something about this!


Thanks Ricky. Nothing in the manual. I’ve already read it a few times.

The halo light is very badly organized on the interface. So you could easily get the idea that those settings would effect the halo but they do not. Those are restricted to the shadows only. Even though there can be shadows on the halo light they still have no direct influence on the halo shadow.

But I am not talking about shadows. There ought to be a way to adjust the z direction falloff of the halo. (We’ll call Z as the direction that the spot light is pointed.) There is a bit of a fall of already. But there is no way to adjust it.

I suppose I should have reworded my request.

Is there a way to “fake” this or a workaround, or a way to do this with nodes or something?

sorry can you make a small dwg showing what you mean cause i’v lost it!

i tough it was about the shadow but my english somethimes is not that good!

how about a textured halo spot where the texture is controled may be with a Blend ?

happy 2.5

No need for a picture.

Falloff - means a fade like a ramp. Think color ramp.

Z direction -means the direction the lamp it pointed. Think clip start and clip end.

So you could simply fade the halo effect along the direction of the light say from the clip start to the clip end. Just like a color ramp you could fade it out with a control.

In LightWave I think it is just one number you adjust to set the length of the fall off fade.

By default, Blender does fade it off at the end. But it is a little abrupt for some cases.

for me it looks like the fade in spot light !

do you mean like this

there is not much fading but there is some!

but could be better
the idea here is that it fade only at the edge of the beam not inside !

hope it helps


Well I mean how it dissipates into thin air when pointed at nothing. Fade off in the direction the light is pointing. Not the edges. The end of the effect literally in the direction it is pointed. Just think of it as a gradient - just like in Photoshop. From the point of origin of the light following the line you see that is the clip start and clip end. In that direction - a fade.

Anyway, there is no way to adjust this currently ,that I can find.

The only way I have found to alter the HALO effect is to move the light or change the distance. Also, the clip start and end can have an effect if you alter them.

This is one of the Blender features that leaves you wanting more control for sure.

beginning to experiment with volume texturing in 2.5

and i think it should be possible to get something like you describe

  • longitudinal fading

see last post here


is it beginning like what you had in m mind ?

happy 2.5

Yes, that makes sense come to think of it. I suppose the distance of the light could itself effect the relative fall off for the rendered area. I’ll look into that as a hack.

And Ricky, that example is not looking too close, but I am curious if you can get halo shadows with that as in my example above just out of curiosity.

well we’ll continue testing this idea but i feel it’s possible in 2,5 by cheating a little with volume texturing

  • i think it has the tools for it but would be better if there was a direct way of doing it !

check out the volume thread and i think we hopefully should have somethng this weekend
that will look close to the pic shown ealier

happy 2.5

have a look on volume thread
i think we are beginning to get some nice looking night light here

what do you think ?


U culd make ur light a bit thinner than use blur node to blur the halo and u get some fading on edges. Hope this helps.

might be interesting can you upload a sample file