Halo-like FPS (yet again) *updated*

I would still like a few more testers. If interested PM me.

Whats up everyone. Its been a while and I have had a few personal setbacks and now I am working on this project again. I just recently added some basic animation and allowing to pickup guns and attach to bones…

Looking for some really dedicated people that are FPS fans, or that want to see something like Halo on PC. Going to have in-game voice and some stat tracking as well.


Level Designers to be able to do at least one of the following: make good 3D models and texture them well, design low poly level layouts in 3D, concept sketch layouts/designs of levels.

This video is 1/2 resolution and taken at a low framerate. The animation is better in-game but its placeholder anyway so don’t critique it. And the shadows are WIP, so they pop in/out.


http://dpadam450.deviantart.com for a few other screenshots.

Hey, welcome back. Thats a blender game engine mod you made right? I believe I remember you saying that before. It looks really good, would like to see some gameplay videas soon.

It is an export from Blender to a custom c++ engine in openGL. My intention was to go public with this eventually but money / jobs are killing me right now. A lot has been going on and I’m back to finish this project. I know everyone would love how easy the engine is as I always say, but it’s still too early to have anyone try it out.

Networking is getting completed, you can only see another person online move and rotate. Going to make sure all the weapons pick up, bullets hit and everything runs smooth. Then I can start testing and work to update some awesome terrain and grass.

Hey man. Is that Gun still in beta stage? Because I’m a Pretty Good Gun modeler. And if you need any help just ask me. Because the Mapping is Great.

Sent you a pm.

Forgot to mention I would still like a couple more testers. Should be testing very soon. Send me a PM.

wth is up with his legs? :stuck_out_tongue: they look like they are doing the twist :stuck_out_tongue:
nice work so far though!

Nice job so far!!
did i get it right and u developing c++ code for bge or i missed the point? and btw the legs look funny indeed hehe and as u said the shadows dont look perfectly in place other than that everything looks fine for me :smiley:

Yea the animation is not the best, it actually does look better at a higher frame rate though (this is 15fps screen capture). I just said whatever, I cant test a game with people sliding on the ground, I need some basic animations. So eventually I will figure something out when I move on to final production.

The engine is separate from blender, it basically takes away all the logic bricks and need for coding normal game features that every game has.

i do remember this and im glad its still alive heh. i love fps games, ill help out. usually i just run around destroying everyone and jumping like a rabbit on fire so i could probably find the glitches and bugs for you :slight_smile:

Yea I have you on my list BSniper. Should actually be in functional stage this weekend! :slight_smile: Will be sending out some orientation email here soon.

And it sucks running a main server, and 2 instances of your game on one computer and switch from 1 instance, move around and shoot, and then switch to the other and see if the other player moved and hurt me. But it’s coming along very well.

sweet. you have my email? or is this by pm? i can help make a map if you need, usually people throw in their maps for consideration. just need to know the limits and specifications.