Halo Mock (Update #20)

I have been working on a halo mockery for a few weeks now. I’m going to use the programming from the game me and my friends have been working on for about half a year now called DTP. I have 6 characters, 1 gun done and tuns of textures i can just slap in to make the levels. Here’s a render i did lately:


C&C Welcome

Here’s another render of the three characters that i have fully rigged and ready to go:

C&C Welcome

Those are some really funny pictures. I especially like the grunt and the prophet. For every good sci-fi universe, there needs to be a good spoof:). This reminds me a little bit of Pyst, a “remake” of Myst.

Here’s a render of the other 3 characters. They still need to be rigged, but other then that they are ready to go.


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This is the Llama Tank. It was origonally designed by a Bunjie artist named Shi Kai Wang for Halo 1 and it was not used in game. I think it holds more comedic value so I used it for the mockery instead of the scorpion. Here’s the modle.


The origonal sketch:


C&C Welcome and Encouraged.

What about cortana and the elites? Make sarge a transvestite that would be mean as :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna demo! :smiley:

I’m finnally finnished the family of prophets that serve as the head badguys in the Halo Mock. Each one will be featured in a boss battle with a creative, individual, and sometimes repulsive yet humorous styles… and stuff or something…

Anyways here’s a pic:


C&C Welcome

P.S. if I dont get any C&C soon ill slip into a depressive downwards spiral ending in hesitant suey…side :cool:

Hey Gomer,

They are really good… the family is kind of disturbing to see at first… :smiley: The modeling and the texturing is really good.

Keep up the good work


You realize that making a game requires a different process than making stills, right? The game is not going to look the same as your rendered images.

I know what I am doing when it comes to making games. All the characters I have created are made to work in a game before they are made to work with rendering. I know for a fact everything I have made will work perfectly fine in the game engine so dont worrie about a thing.

Uh… those look REALLY freaky…

EDIT: And by the way Pyst sucked. In fact, anything that tries to mock Myst sucks. Especially a slapped together piece of crap that can’t be considered a game (Pyst, duh).

Thats right I’m still working on this project. Anyways here’s a render of the Brute:


C&C Welcome and Appriciated

It’s modeled after a mandrill, isn’t it?

Good job so far… how is gameplay and effects, and all that other stuff coming along… we’re seeing some nice (is that really the correct word for models so grotesque?) character and enemy models, but I’d love to see some of the scenery and other cool stuff.

All i have for the game right now is just the character modles. The guy who is gonna do most of the programming hasen’t started yet and were waiting till weve got some working characters before working on the scenery (if you want a slight example of what it will look like go to this link: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55265&highlight=game). That is the stuff that me and the programmer and another artist create and i have a fealing it will have the same style just more grungy. We want to base most of the levels off of Halo 1 and 2 levels and we have got some plans for cutscenes that should be pretty funny.

Oh and its half Baboon half Gorilla.

Hey, I finally finnished modling and rigging the 3 brutes so i thought i would pose them for all of you. I now have 7 rigged adn ready to go modles. The Tank, (being programmed) The 3 Brutes, 1 Prophet, 1 Grunt, and Master Chief. I still havent started working on any levels but im hoping to soon. All my modles come to around 1000 Polys so i can only have like 5 on screen at once. Im hoping to start level design on the 18th of april. We’ll see how it goes. Anyways heres the pic:


C&C Welcome and Encouraged.

That’s… scary…

Hope to see a demo soon :slight_smile:

COOL !!!

wanna play demo or see REALTIME in view port .:slight_smile:

This game looks good. I actually think it will be fun. I especially like Master Cheif, hes like some crazy Scottish guy. But I have ONE problem with the 3 brutes. The brute to the left, The one thats scratching his butt… Why is there a brown spot between his hand and his butt? I sure hope thats not what I think it is :stuck_out_tongue: But either then that, It looks great, Power to you.:wink:

it looks nice with all the stills and everything, although have you even started the actual game yet?
how about scenery?
oh and by the way when you post the final product or the demo or whatever, do you think you could post it as a .blend for all of us mac and linux users?