Halo Movie

Who on blender artists thinks that Bungie should make a movie about Halo? And which story should they make it about. I think the best story to make would be about the fall of Reach, Master Chief should be the main character, and it should be made very close to the book, but that is my personal thoughts on it, what are yours

I think Bungie should make something new instead of milking one series for far more than it’s worth. That’s what I think

It already exists. Click hereto watch the online stream version :wink:

The official film was in production, but was put on hold and is still stuck in limbo.

I think Bungie should make something new instead of milking one series for far more than it’s worth. That’s what I think

quoted for agreement. I’m tired of hearing about Halo ODST and Reach. A movie would only make the series worse.


Movies made on video games will always suck…this will be like the new dragonball movie. Nothing to pay ny attention to…:no:

They could make a really good movie, but hollywood always makes bad ones, I think Bungie should do it themselves, they could make an awesome live action film.

Peter jackson would produce and Neill blomkamp would direct it, the funding studios were in disagreement or something, so after they made the HALO3 shortmovies, they went on to create district 9 instead.

halo movie basicly lost in limbo.

Then you would probably pulverize Hollywood when they had a deal for a Pacman movie (they really did once have the idea for a Pacman movie).

Well, I would like to see a Halo movie where the story is focused on the research and development of the original Spartan super-soldier.

I always found the technology in the Halo universe more interesting than the actual struggle against aliens.

I would be far more interested in a movie about the beginnings of master cheif.

I think the story about the book fall of Reach would be a great starting point, it explains Master Chiefs and the other Spartans beginnings, for those of you who like Halo, but have not read the book, it is awesome and well worth reading. :slight_smile:

How about a movie about making movies, since thats the only thing Hollywood can do.

You know, maybe ID should go into the movie business, look at Doom3, If they made movies like games then it will be awesome.

I’m still waiting for someone to step up and make a Halflife movie.

Hugh Laurie, the role you were born to play has arrived…