halo problem

im trying to use a halo but all i see is this dots i used Icosphere as
my mesh please help! £Ä3

that’s what a halo material does: it puts halos at every vertex of the mesh.

thanks mr qwe i just want to see the star, rings
and lines exactly like in the preview please
tell me how! £Ä3

In this case, use a single-vertex object, with halo turned on, along with rings, lines, stars and flares if needed.

Hope this helps,

thanks olivS i tried that but it didnt work! £Ä3

thanks olivS and qwe i know whats the problem i tried moving the
halo size then it worked thanks for your help blender rocks! £Ä3

So I don’t understand your trouble. Are you trying to achieve something like this?


If yes, then try to download this file. I set Unified Renderer and increased the HaloSize.

Hope this helps,

ah sorry, I answered too late: you found it before I built an example scene and its picture, upload them and post my previous message. Maybe this will be helpful for someone else, I hope! :slight_smile: